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Embark on an aquatic adventure at SeaWorld Orlando!

SeaWorld Orlando – scion of the ocean in the heart of Florida. Since its beginning, this marine themed park has been a feast for travelers — rich in underwater life displays, thrilling rides and sights, and interactive experiences. This combination of aquatic theme park and handcrafted retreat has produced not only some unforgettable thrills and entertainment shows, but also one can enjoy unreservedly nature’s element–the ocean. Get Ready for SeaWorld Fun!

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Unveiling the History and Construction

Founding of SeaWorld Orlando: On December 15th, 1973, the gates were officially opened to the public and SeaWorld Orlando has its beginning. Did you know that before becoming SeaWorld, this site was originally going to be aerospace research center? As they like to say in Hollywood, ‘What a twist!’

Building an Aquatic Utopia: To construct SeaWorld Orlando, it was not just a case of laying down concrete and putting up rides. It was about creating an experience that surrounds the guest in underwater wonder. From Shamu Stadium (world-famous for its acrobatics shows) to the painstakingly wrought living environments, every detail was made to amaze visitors.

10 Splashing Fun Facts

Shamu, the whale: In 1973, the original Shamu, SeaWorld’s most famous killer whale, made her debut in Orlando. With her amazing performances, she splashed her way into our hearts.

A Symphony of Splashes: Have you ever wondered how much water is in SeaWorld Orlando’s largest show pool? It holds a whopping 7.5 million gallons! That is enough water to fill over 11 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Up, Up, and Away! Are you one of those people who has dreamed about soaring through the sky like a bird? Well, at SeaWorld Orlando you can! Manta lets you experience the feeling of flight on rails that simulate the graceful motions of a manta ray.

Turtle Trek: Live the incredible adventure of sea turtles in TurtleTrek, where one can float through the underwater world they live and breathe in. It is a different kind of experience entirely!

Dolphin Days: You will be amazed by the intelligence and grace of bottlenose dolphins at Dolphin Days, a captivating show that illustrates the close links between these magnificent critters and their trainers.

One Ocean: Immerse yourself in the spellbinding magic of the ocean with SeaWorld Orlando’s signature killer whale show, One Ocean. The crowd is kept in raptures as these magnificent animals exhibit their astonishing athleticism with perfect grace – and never slip up!

Kraken Unleashed: Experience a thrill ride like no other and climb aboard Kraken Unleashed, Orlando’s only floorless roller coaster. This monster roller coaster can reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour, so it is not for the faint-hearted!

Shark Encounter: Do not shy away from coming face to face with the ocean’s number one predator in Shark Encounter. As sharks whiz past eerily over your head in an underwater tunnel, you will see their thrilling beauty.

Conservation Connections: Behind the fun – and all the action – SeaWorld Orlando concentrates on conservation programs aimed at effective help for marine life and biodiversity.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin presents a brave young penguin called Puck. This one-of-a-kind attraction at SeaWorld combines immersive storytelling with state-of-the-art technology for an experience that is nothing like anything you have ever seen before.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t put it off any longer! Whether you are an adventure junkie, an animal freak, or simply like to have a wonderful time with your family, SeaWorld Orlando is certain to have what you are looking for. Come and make some memories that will last a lifetime as you explore the incredible underutilized world of the ocean!

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Explore Beyond Sea World

There are so many things to see and do in Orlando that your SeaWorld adventure is just the beginning. Here are some interesting attractions that will take your fancy once you have arrived:

Universal Studios Florida: Have you ever dreamed of stepping into a movie or TV program that was your favorite? Well, in Universal Studios Florida you can separate the real from the made-up! Here you will find something for everyone: from thrilling rides to the Wizarding World of Harry Porter. Believe me when I say–It truly is wizardry that even today one gets to borrow such pleasures.

Walt Disney World Resort: Just a short hop from SeaWorld sits the magical kingdom of Walt Disney World Resort. Children of all ages will find something to love in the Mouse House. Meet the great people, scream when you hurtle along on thrilling rides, and take back memories that will last a lifetime…

ICON Park: If you are after a little fun and excitement, why not head on down to ICON Park and hop on the famous Orlando Eye observation wheel. Let yourself go untrammeled skyward above the city for some spectacular views over the skyline. Then wander through a bona fide indoor entertainment city filled with shops, restaurants, and attractions galore.

Discovery Cove: To experience some truly unforgettable excitement, plunge into the wonder of Discovery Cove. Swim with dolphins, take a snorkel among colorful fish, lie on beaches that are not all over Europe! It is great–a tropical paradise right here in Orlando.

Gatorland: Meet up close Florida’s most famous inhabitants at Gatorland. Giant alligators will appear before your very eyes, breathtaking shows take place in front of an audience every day and you can even leap over croc-infested waters on a zip-line! This is one adventure not easily forgotten.

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Tips for SeaWorld Adventure Orlando, Florida!

Prep Ahead: Save the Time & Buy Tickets Online. This fast, convenient method not only saves precious moments but also money.

Quick Tip: Register online and it’s a quick dash to face-painting!

Early Bird Gets More Thrills: Arriving early lets you avoid crowds and shortens waiting times. Make the most of your day at SeaWorld and start off on the right note! Be the first to see the dolphin show–you won’t regret it!

Highlight Your Highlights: Plan out which attractions to visit first, from mighty orcas and thrilling roller coasters. Make a list of where you desperately want to go so that you will not kick yourself for missing something great! Don’t Miss: Shamu and Mako—for maximum thrills on the Ultimate Ride!

Stay Fueled: For Long days ahead pack snacks. Food and water are essential to keep your energy up all day. The bigger appetite you bring along, the more fun it will be! Granola bars and a refillable bottle for unlimited water are the two things we would recommend carrying on an outing like this!

Showtime Sensation: Check the Schedule! Catch the spectacular shows—plan your day around the showtimes. Do not miss the captivating performances SeaWorld has to offer! Must-See: One Ocean—an awe-inspiring display of killer whale majesty!

Snap and Share: Capture Memories! Do not forget your camera! Capture the unforgettable moments and share the magic of SeaWorld with friends and family! Dolphin Cove—a photo op you will not want to miss!

Respect the Residents: Enjoy Responsibly! Remember to respect wildlife and their habitats. Follow guidelines and instructions to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment! Treat the animals with kindness and respect—they are the stars of the show!

With these tips in hand, you are all set for an amazing day at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Dive in and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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Dining Options: Delicious Eateries Near SeaWorld Orlando

Ocean Oasis: Plunge into the Sea of Fresh Seafood! This unique SeaWorld restaurant located in Orlando; Florida is surrounded by magic aquariums. From Grilled Mahi-Mahi to Shrimp Scampi, our menu is a feast for your eyes!

Safari Plains: A Touch of the Wilderness! Emulated with variety like salad-based chicken meat and grilled meats inspired from the wild, brave a Zebra Steak that you will never forget at Safari Plains! (Savanna, High-rise contingent of the continent savanna)

Seafood Cafe: Fast, Convenient Snacks! What if you are caught without time for a snack? The galley near SeaWorld gives you it all – hot burgers and cold salads, including its signature Sandwich.

Yellow-Bird Dinner Party: Perfect for Families! Flamingo Feasts hosts different cuisines — you are all guaranteed to find something to your taste! Tropical Chicken Skewers and Pineapple Glazed Salad give out varied colorful images that will enchant the whole family. Be sure to take a Selfie with the flamingos!

Voyager Veranda: Culinary Tour of the World! A world tour of taste buds is offered by Voyager’s Veranda! Located in SeaWorld, Orlando, Florida, the menu presents Asian stir-fry or Italian pasta dishes; end up with a Voyager’s Sundae to cap off this gastronomic trip around the globe.

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Finding Your Way to SeaWorld


SeaWorld Orlando is located at 7007 SeaWorld Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32821.


By Bus: Riding the Waves with Public Transit. Are you about to explore Orlando like a local? Then get on Lynx, the bus service which stops conveniently close to SeaWorld. As you roll along with other travelers bound for the wonders of marine life, feel thrilled and excitement growing within yourself!

By Car: Driving Down? To get to excitement–set your GPS for SeaWorld Drive. Interstate 4 is the way to go, and the signs are clearly posted.

By air: Flying in? Then Orlando International Airport (MCO) is your ticket to excitement. After you land, it is only a short drive away from Sea World. Keep your eyes peeled as you approach the town of sunshine Orlando–there are Palm trees everywhere!

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