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Complete travel guide to Main Beach in New York

Main Beach at Long Island is one of the United States’ most renowned beaches. It has been consistently listed as a top-ranked beach by prestigious magazines and research organizations. Its wide strip of soft white sand and crystal clear, green blue waters complements your picture of how paradise might be. This setting attracts both the locals and visitors. It’s an immaculate shore with all the conveniences: clean restrooms, showers and changing rooms. Read the blog further to discover all you need to know about Main Beach. 

Main Beach

Things To Do at Main Beach

  • Sunbathing and Swimming: The idea of Main Beach appeals in large part to the familiar setting of its inviting waters, sunken into sand. Whether you like to read your book with cool tranquility under an awning or relax and wade out into this particular off-shore paradise, there are many ways offered by the beach for relaxation-and fun.2.  
  • Surfing and Bodyboarding: Main Beach is a popular destination for surfers, because the waves are always up. There are surf schools which offer beginners the chance to learn how early on in their life these 22-seater park boards work. And bodyboarding, junior partner in this surfing combination, whether for children or adults–it’s something you can do after a few lessons. 
  • Beach Volleyball: For those who want a bit of competition, Main Beach has sand volleyball courts where you can start games with friends or join pick-up games. 
  • Nature Walks and Bird Watching: You can take a peaceful walk through the surrounding dunes and nature trails. Birdwatchers will be amazed at the variety of shorebirds which are found here, that makes it a good spot for some silent observation. 
Bird watching

Hidden Gems

  • Georgica Pond: Within easy reach of Main Beach, Georgica Pond offers a peaceful interlude with kayaks and SUPs to rent. Its placid waters and picturesque setting make it an ideal place for an unhurried afternoon. 
  • Wiborg Beach: A local secret little seen by tourists, Wiborg Beach is typically less crowded than Main Beach. It’s the perfect place to experience the beauty of East Hampton without all those busy crowds. 
  • Home Sweet Home Museum: Just a stone’s throw from Main Beach, this charming museum provides a window into the colonial history of East Hampton. The collectors’ house and gardens are especially nice to visit if you’re a history buff. 

Upcoming Events

East Hampton Fireworks take place every year in the summer season at Main Beach. This year it is scheduled on 10th August,2024 (Saturday). 

Places near Main Beach

  • East Hampton: In the charming East Hampton, go for a stroll, where you can browse boutique stores, art galleries, and historical websites. The community has a fine rural feel, and it is characterful. 
  • Sag Harbor: Sag Harbor, a picturesque place less than an hour away by car from Main Beach, has a rich maritime history and an eye for culture. Tasty water-side restaurants flourish here along with many shops laid across the harbor and a visit to Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum is a real eye opener. 
  • Montauk: Further east to Main Beach lies Montauk rugged landscapes and a rural quiet. You can tour the Montauk Point Lighthouse, walk its scenic trails, or stroll through the lush woods. Just lay sideways on the soft beach and let the ocean roll in to take your gaze away. 

Dining Options near Main Beach

  • The Maidstone: In a sophisticated yet casual fare environment marked by locally green ingredients and sea-fresh produce, try dining out at The Maidstone. Their garden is beautiful and their dining room is warm and cozy. 
  • Nick & Toni’s: Nick & Toni’s, a favorite among locals, is the place to go for those full-flavored Mediterranean dishes cooked up right in your back yard. His wood fire oven makes some truly delightful pizzas, and the fresh seafoods are simply not to be missed. 
  • The Palm: If you’re looking for a classic steakhouse feel, make your way to East Hampton’s The Palm. Famous for prime cuts of beef and seafood, this old-fashioned restaurant is perfect for treating yourself on any special occasion. 

Some tips for your Trip

  • Keep Sun Protection: While you spend your time on the beach, use sunscreen and hats for sun protection. It can get really hot during the day. 
  • Parking Permits: If you are planning to visit on weekends or during peak season, you might face a parking problem. So, it is suggested you get a permit in advance to save time. 
  • Keep Reusable bags: Keep all the trash in some reusable bags and clean them as you find a dustbin. Reusable bags are environment-friendly and preferred at the beach. 
  • Check weather: Before you arrive, make sure to keep a check on the weather forecast and be prepared accordingly. 
Main beach,Long island

Location and How to Reach

Main Beach is located on Long Island and counts as one of its premier beaches. More precisely it falls in the East Hampton area in New York. The exact address is: 

Main Beach 

104 Ocean Avenue East Hampton, NY 


You can choose different travel options to reach your destination as listed below: 

  • By Car: Take the Long Island Expressway (I-495) heading east out of New York City and exit at the 70th. Drive down Route 27 (Montauk Highway) eastwards. When you get into East Hampton, go to the end of Ocean Avenue to reach your destination, Main Beach. 
  • By Train: The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) runs a service from Penn Station in New York City out to East Hampton. Once you’re in East Hampton, Main Beach is a quick taxi or bike ride away from the train station. 
  • By Bus: The Hampton Jitney and Hampton Luxury Liner both provide bus service from Manhattan to East Hampton. They both offer comfortable travel options with a choice of departure schedules throughout the day. 

Main Beach in New York really is a gem, a beautiful beach combined with leisure activities and places within walking distance. No matter if you want to bask in the sun and lounge or surf the waves, or if you want to stroll through the surrounding area and take in some of its charm, the Main beach is right for everyone. Whether making plans for a short weekend getaway or longer vacation, don’t miss the chance to possess one of America’s greatest seaside destinations. 

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