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Family Vacation Spots

The United States is a diverse country and so, sometimes it becomes challenging to select the perfect spot where you can enjoy along with your family. Wanderlust America has carefully curated a list of some of the best family-friendly locations for you to choose from. At these places, you will find something for everyone – from young couples to grandparents to children. Hiking, relaxing atmosphere, adventurous activities for kids, water sports, picturesque environment, vibrant nightlife, and much more will leave you satisfied as you head back from your visit to these locations. So, hold your partner’s hand, and your children, and embark on one of the most amazing family vacations. 

Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular places to visit in California and also a people’s favorite getaway from San Francisco. With the amount of natural beauty and scenery that is found in the area, it is not a surprise. This is a year-round attraction for families, couples, and for people who love adventure.

Lake Tahoe

Cape Cod is a truly special destination to visit and is packed with culture, stunning scenery, amazing shopping, great seafood, and so many things to do for everyone. It is an arm-shaped peninsula that extends into the Atlantic Ocean from the southeastern corner of Massachusetts,

Cape Cod Sunrise from the Bridge

Anaheim is a city in northern Orange County, California, United States. It is part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. Anaheim is a gem in Southern California that offers lots of fun adventures for the entire family. It is known for being the home of the Disneyland Resort and the Anaheim Convention Center.

Anaheim Map
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