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All you need to know about California State Fair 2024

California State fair is the best summer fair held in Sacramento every year in July. This fair is a vibrant celebration of the rich culture of Golden State of California. Hosted on the Cal expo fairgrounds, this fair showcases the best heritage and features of the state through exhibits, rides, eateries, live music and much more. This summer getaway has something for everyone. Here is a short guide to the California State Fair. 

California State Fair

Things to do at California State Fair

  • Rides and Games: The fair is always set to give you an adrenaline rush. The rollercoaster rides are the highlights of the California State Fair Show. Set in for the family rides like Ferris Wheel and Carousal and games like lottery and lucky dip are always up for some entertainment. 
  • Agriculture Exhibits: California is an agricultural state with a rich heritage. California state Fair exhibits a lot of agricultural products and livestock. It also showcases new techniques and equipment used on farms. 
  • Live Entertainment: Music Concerts by national artists, dance performances, magic shows, rallies- you name it. California State Fair has everything that one needs for a few days of summer entertainment. 
  • Participate in Competitions: To keep the event more interactive, a few competitions are hosted for visitors to take part in like culinary and baking contests, handcraft workshops and art and science competitions for youth. 
  • Pick Souvenirs: Many shops and stalls put up fair- themed mementos and souvenirs for guests to take home for their loved ones. Other stalls also have collectibles and handcraft items for sale. 
  • Celebrate Special Days: Family Day, Senior Day and Military Appreciation Day are a few special days celebrated at the Fair. Activities and discounts along with events are specially tailored for such days. 
  • Relax and Rejuvenate: Many picnic spots and entertainment zones are set up to help you relax and rejuvenate with your family and friends. You can sit there and enjoy the ambience of the fair. 
  • Educational Activities: Interactive exhibits for kids, workshops and demonstrations are held on a regular basis for kids and youth to learn with fun while doing different activities. This helps make the educational process enjoyable. 
Rides at the Fair


The tickets to California State Fair are divided into Single day tickets and multi-day tickets. Single day tickets for adults cost $16, senior citizens for $12, youth tickets for $10 and children below the age of 5 are permitted for free. Multiday tickets and family tickets cost around $49.99 that includes four single day California State Fair pass, four rides, and a parking pass. You can also purchase a parking pass for $15 or $30 for three days. 

California State Fair Hours

The Main Gate and Blue Gate to the fair open from 11am to 10pm from Monday through Thursday and from 10am to 10pm from Friday to Sunday. Carnival hours and Kids hour are different and start later after the actual opening of the Main Gates of the park. Monorail hours are the same as the Main Gate hours. 

Famous ride at the fair

Culinary Delight

Food is the first thing to visit at California State Fair. Vendors can be found everywhere on the fairground serving enticing ways for customers to fill up. There is something for everyone’s tastes at the state Fair, from traditional fair treats like corn dogs, funnel cakes and delectable deep-fried morsels to gourmet dishes prepared by world-renowned chefs and international cuisine of every type you can imagine. 

One of the more unusual attractions at the fair is its wine-tasting area. Here visitors can sample some of California’s best boutique wines and craft beers. There is no wine-producing state more famous than California, and at the California State Fair you have a chance to try out different vintages in a relaxed atmosphere. Those with a sweet tooth will find the dessert competitions truly mouth-watering. Amazing cakes, cookies and pastry-all crafted with outstanding skill and great imagination. 

How To Reach There

California State Fair is held at Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento, the capital city of California. It is hosted on large grounds that accommodate rides, games, dining areas and exhibits. 

Address: Cal Expo, 1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815 

How to reach there 

  • By Car: If you are coming from nearby cities and towns, Driving to Cal Expo would be the best idea. 
  • By Public transportation: For a more eco-friendly and pocket-friendly visit, opt for a bus service or a train to reach the California State Fair. Many buses are available from different places in California and nearby towns and cities. 
  • By Bike: If you are staying near the destination, you can opt to bike to the California State Fair without any hassle of traffic or parking waiting time.. 
  • By Taxi: If you do not want to take up public transportation or driving, booking an Uber or Lyft or simply a local taxi is a good option. 
  • By Plane: If you are coming to fair from outside the state, you might want to reach by flight. You need to book your flight to Sacramento International Airport. 
Fairgrounds signboard
  • Check Weather conditions: The California State Fair is held on open grounds so keep a check on weather forecast reports and be prepared as per the forecast.  
  • Check Traffic Conditions: The capital city of Sacramento usually experiences heavy traffic, so, make sure to look through live maps to get an idea of traffic conditions and the best available routes. 
  • Plan your Trip: The State Fair is spread on a large ground with a variety of things to do and see. Make a proper plan for yourself to enjoy to the fullest with regretting later. 
  • Stay updated: Keep checking the California State Fair website for updates related to transportation, parking and other important information. 

California State Fair is one of the annual events that people look out for every year. With a variety of attractions and a number of interactive games and exhibits, people end up making memories for a lifetime. To have a good time these summers without devoting many days to a trip, set up for the California State Fair with your family and friends. 

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