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Get ready for the Electrifying Experience at EDC Las Vegas

Welcome to the most vibrant electric dance music festival in America. Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the most awaited events of Las Vegas that attracts thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world. EDC Las Vegas is a multi-day festival that gives wings to imagination and sets high standards for the live event industry. EDC Las Vegas has become a sensory experience like no other by incorporating carnival themes, art innovation, best technology, multiple stage performances, top production houses. In this guide we have compiled everything that you need to know about Electric Daisy Carnival and indulge in its vibrant atmosphere. 

EDC Las Vegas


EDC Las Vegas was started back in 1997as a warehouse party and with time it has expanded to become one of the most internationally renowned music festivals. It was first produced by CEO and founder Pasquale Rotella Over the years EDC Las Vegas has been held in many countries including China, Japan, Mexico and India with the main event being held annually in Las Vegas. In 2017, EDC Las Vegas won the Festival of the Year at the Electronic Music Awards. With he main event in Las Vegas, EDC also takes place every year in Orlando in November. 


This year the Las Vegas main event is all set to begin on 17th May till 19th May. It will be a 3-day festival featuring performances from dusk till dawn. It will feature renowned DJs and artists across multiple stages and showcase a variety of EDM genres. Highlights of the event are Zedd, Zen Freeman, Zomboy, and more! Get ready to dance under the electric sky! The basic schedule is as follows: 

  • 17th May,2024  

5 – 7 pm – Opening Ceremony 

7 pm – 5:30 am – Full Grounds Open 

  • 18th May,2024 

7 pm – 5:30 am – Full Grounds Open 

  • 19th May, 2024 

7 pm – 5:30 am – Full Ground Open 

Below is the full lineup of EDP Las Vegas 2024. 

EDC Lineup


Electric Daisy Carnival offers three main categories of tickets namely GA+ Experience Pass, VIP Elevated Experience Pass and Only Sunday Pass. For GA+ Experience passes the tickets start from $649, for VIP Elevated Experience Pass the tickets start from a price of $1249.99 and for Only Sunday pass tickets start from $200. These prices may vary from website to website. We have mentioned a few trustworthy ticket sellers below for you to stop your search and book your ticket to the Carnival. 

Experiences at EDC Las Vegas

  • The Music: The reason why people from all round the world travel to Las Vegas to this festival is its great music. Fans groove to the best electrifying music by their favorite artists and get lost in the world of carnival symphonies. Here they create memorable experiences. 
  • Stages: The stages are one of the most attractive features at the carnival of Las Vegas. Cutting-edge technology with the combination of nature brings out the most vibrant experiences for all. The stages include kineticFIELD, cosmicMEADOW, circuitGROUNDS, cosmicMEADOW, neonGARDEN, bassPOD, quantumVALLEY, wasteLAND, stereoBLOOM, bionicJUNGLE, Art Cars. 
  • The Rides: EDC Las Vegas is not just about dance and music. It is much more than that and rides are one of those experiences that no visitor ever wants to miss. From thrilling to relaxing, all the super amazing rides make the carnival a big playground. 
  • The Art: EDC is known for collaborating technology with nature. The festival area exhibits many three-dimensional installations that showcase LED-lit flora and fauna, while inspiring all the visitors that come in contact with them. 
  • The Performers: The merry band of Funkdafied Freaks that include amazing dancers, stilters, aerialists, circus performers, and other whimsical characters of EDC Las Vegas will never fail to make your experience a memorable one. They are scattered all around the carnival ground and never leave a chance to entertain you. 
  • Downtown EDC: All that you generally experience at a carnival is nothing as compared to what EDC Las Vegas is ready to serve you. Get ready to watch some live performances at some themed bar or watch a great show at the open-air theatre. Dance your hearts out at the dark Headlight Disco or at the Silent Disco with your headphones on. Even better, step up the stage and sing that one song that you have always wanted to at Tokyo-styled Karaoke bar and commit your love at the Commitment Deck. All Are Welcome Here! 
Downtown EDC

Location and Directions

The Electric Daisy Carnival or EDC Las Vegas has been hosted at the following location since 2011 and in 2024 also the same location is all set to host the event:  

Venue address: Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 7000 N. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89115 

For directions we suggest that you do not use Google or Wave, instead use the directions given on the website to reach the location in the fastest and the most efficient way possible. The website includes directions from almost all the important landmarks of Las Vegas for your convenience. 

Travel Options

  • Shuttles: The shuttles offered by EDC Las Vegas are your best option to directly reach the venue without any inconvenience. The shuttles run from 6:30 –11:30pm and return from 2am till 60 minutes after the program at Kinetic field concludes. No shuttles run between 11:30 pm and 2 am.  
  • Private car: If you prefer to enter the festival in comfort and style, EDC Las Vegas provides luxury cars for your experience. The car would pick you up from MGM Grand or Resorts World and drop you back at VIP or Skydeck. These cars start from $175 per person and can be checked for prices here. 
  • Helicopters: For those who are enthusiastic to reach the venue in a luxury helicopter, EDC Las Vegas has partnered with Maverick Helicopters that provide the VIP services to the visitors by picking them up from the Maverick’s private terminal and drop you after 15 minutes ride at the festival. 

Hotel EDC in Las Vegas

For the second year in a row, EDC Las Vegas is providing hotel services to its Headliners or visitors at its own EDC Hotel at Resorts World. The packages of this special hotel exclusive for EDC Las Vegas headliners provides various services and benefits like the 3-night stays, day parties, late night parties, wellness session, culinary delights, special gifts for all visitors, full EDC Las Vegas event support and much more. The visitors can extend their stay before and after EDC Las Vegas or even check-in early and check-out late. This Headliners-only hotel is a well appreciated initiative taken by the organizers. 

Hotel EDC

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