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Explore the wonderful Lake Charles Beach

Lake Charles Beach is a hidden gem just waiting to be found in northeastern Arkansas’s lush countryside. Resting on the lake Charles and located within Lake Charles State Park of Arkansas, this beautiful destination offers all sorts of natural scenery, sports facilities for people in every age group as well-hiking trails or swan boats on a smaller scale Whether you are a lover of nature, a professional sports player or just someone who seeks some peace and quiet after busy city life, Lake Charles Beach has something for everyone.  

lake charles beach

Lake Charles State Park

Established around Lake Charles in Arkansas is the beautiful Lake Charles State Park. 645-acres of heavenly nature surroundings that often gives a peaceful time to its visitors, this park is considered as one of the safest picnic spots by locals and visitors alike. This park offers a wide area of natural beauty surrounded by trees, lake views from almost all places, beach for a good summer vacation, short hiking trails, water-activities, and many camping grounds.  

Arkansas is a land-locked area and Lake Charles State Park provides a beautiful summer getaway for the visitors in the lap of nature. The couples call it the most serene place and the kids love it due to the many activities available for them at the park. The parents love this place from the safety point of view and regular patrolling by guards. 

Features of Lake Charles Beach

  • Picturesque Beauty: Lake Charles beach is surrounded by lush green beauty and continues into the mesmerizing forest area that consists of many hiking trails and is a perfect spot for relaxation to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The greenery makes it a perfect location for photography. 
  • Picnic spots: The whole area of the beach and beyond serves as a perfect picnic spot for a great family-time. For locals this park is a go-to location on weekends and is considered the best place to enjoy a serene family get-together. 
  • Water- activities: The beach serves many water activities like kayaking, fishing, swimming, canoeing and paddle-boating. If you are visiting Lake Charles Beach, you will have plenty of options to pick from for water adventure. 
  • Visitors center: If you are interested in the history of the park and look forward to learning about its flora and fauna, do not miss a visit to the visitors center of the park. It also provides guided tours and souvenir shop so that you can buy gifts for your loved ones. 
kayaking at lake Charles

Activities Beyond the Beach

  • Wander along the trails: Lake Charles State Park consists of many hiking trails that bring out the adventurous side of you. A great activity for spring and fall, hiking can become a highlight of your visit to Lake Charles Beach. The trails are beautiful and give you a great insight into the flora and fauna of the park. These trails are a heaven for nature photographers, perfect for hikes and birdwatching. 
  • Camping: Skip the luxurious hotels and resorts and camp at the State Park. The park consists of almost 60 campsites, some even at the beach or near waters. The camps are available in different varied options and consist of all basic amenities. 
  • Wildlife Watching: Lake Charles State Park is home to a wide variety of animal and bird species. While you stroll through the park look out for deer and birds. 
  • Educational Trip: Lake Charles state Park can also be chosen for an educational trip. The park rangers periodically conduct educational programmes and guided tours are available all-round the year for the visitors to understand the park through its rich history and culture. 

Visitors Information

Lake Charles State Park opens all-round the year, and the entry is free of cost. We suggest you visit the park during the months from march to November to enjoy all the activities. The cool winters might become a hinderance to a fun-packed visit. All activities are available only during the daytime till before sunset so plan accordingly.  

Although the camps and activities have a charge. Swimming at the beach is free of cost again. For camping it is important to get a permit beforehand. Below are the basic charges that you might need to know before your visit.  



Camping (Basic Campsite) 

$20 per night 

Camping (Campsite with Water, Electric, and Sewer Hookups) 

$30 per night 

Boat Rental 

$20 per hour 

Guided Kayak Tour 

$15 per person 

The prices keep changing from time to time, so it is always good to be informed by checking the latest information through the official website. 

Tips to remember

  • If you are visiting Lake Charles Beach on weekends or peak season, it is suggested that you reach early to secure a good spot for yourself and the family. It can get really crowded during these times. 
  • Do not forget your sunscreen, hat, googles and other things that you might need during a sunny day. Keep yourself hydrated to enjoy yourself to the fullest. 
  • If you are planning to go fishing, do not forget to get an Arkansas Fishing License beforehand. 
  • Check the weather forecast before you go and keep yourself prepared. 
Hiking trail in Lake Charles State Park

Location and How to Get There

Lake Charles beach is nested inside the State Park. Lake Charles State Park is situated in Lawrence County, Arkansas, near the Black River. It can be found at  


Highway 25,  


AR 72458, USA. 

To reach there, you can use different modes of transport: 

  • By Car: This is the most convenient way to reach the Park as it is easily accessible from major highways. Once you reach the park, follow the directions to reach the beach. 
  • By Flight: If you are coming from far, the closest airports are Little rock National Airport (LIT) or Memphis International Airport (MEM). After reaching the airport you can simply book a cab or taxi to reach your location. 
  • By Bike: This is mostly if you are staying near or inside the State Park. Biking is mostly taken up to traverse through the park. 

Lake Charles Beach is a delightful escape from city life. Arkansas does not really have an ocean beach, but Lake Charles Beach provides the locals and visitors to have a similar experience. The beauty and peace of the state park attracts many and people leave creating memories for a lifetime. So, pack your bags and head to Lake Charles Beach this summer. 

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