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Exploring ICON Park: Orlando's premier entertainment oasis

ICON Park is Orlando’s pulsating hub of excitement: Riding atop “The Wheel” at 400 feet, take your pick of awe-inspiring moments as you look out over the world from downtown Orlando. Have a big appetite? Satisfy it with one of the many varied cuisines they offer in the restaurants and bars. Get up close and personal with celebrities through Madame Tussauds, go on an aquatic adventure at SEA LIFE Orlando. If you’re looking for thrilling rides and endless entertainment, ICON Park is the place in Orlando where the magic comes alive. Let your journey begin!!!

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ICON Park opened its doors in May 2015 and since then, it has been the entertainment hub of Orlando, Florida. Originally known as I-Drive 360, it underwent a rebranding in 2018 to become ICON Park.


ICON Park gives life to Orlando’s Skyline and attracts more than 74 million tourists per year. Being Orlando’s Ultimate Entertainment Destination, the Park has proved to be a magnet for families and couples leaving no stone unturned to fascinate the visitors. Due to its perfect setting at the center of the city, it is easily accessible for tourists and has an un-ignorable impact of the economy of the area. The park brings together culture and diverse attractions for you to delve into the moment and enjoy till your heart is satisfied.

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Here’s What Icon Park Has to Offer!!

  • The Wheel: The futuristic Orlando Eye is currently under construction. Once completed, the 400-ft tall unit will be the highest observation wheel in the Southeastern U.S., offering dramatic panoramic views of all angles of Orlando and Florida from its signature bar at 400 feet above sea level.
  • Madame Tussauds Orlando: Madame Tussauds Orlando is a popular wax museum that presents life-like and carefully crafted wax models of famous people, historical figures, and pop culture icons. Visitors can interact with and be photographed with their favorite stars.
  • SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium: This attraction provides close encounters with an array of seawater creatures. The aquarium in Orlando offers underwater tunnels, interactive displays about marine wildlife habitats and shows from different ocean settings.
  • Orlando Star Flyer: For the thrill-seekers, Orlando Star Flyer is a towering swing ride that delivers breathtaking views of the surrounding area as it swoops riders through space.
  • Skeletons: Museum of Osteology: This is a unique, educational museum which features over 40 exhibits, each of which is completely made from real animals’ bones. It’s a fascinating look at the skeletal structures of various species.
  • Pearl Express Train: A train tour that takes visitors on a slow loop around ICON Park. It is a great way to see the entire complex and its surroundings with family.
  • ICON Park Fountain Show: Located at the center of the Icon Park is a very beautiful Fountain. In the evenings, a water and light show illuminates the fountain that would most certainly leave you in awe of its beauty.
  • Live Entertainment: And here comes the most interesting part- Live shows! ICON Park hosts many events, concerts, and shows on a regular basis. Who knows, your favorite star might be performing on your next visit to the park. We recommend you have a look at the website to know the latest schedule of the events and plan accordingly.
  • 7D Dark Ride Adventure: An unforgettable 7D movie experience that cannot be missed if you’re at the park. Grab those 7D glasses and enjoy the most exciting ride while you sit on those flexible chairs and feel what you see.
  • Shopping Therapy: ICON Park offers shopping opportunities with a range of brand outlets, providing visitors with options for souvenirs and unique finds.
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Intriguing Facts:

  • The Wheel, which was once called the Orlando Eye, is an observation wheel on the East Coast which provides magnificent views of the city and surrounding countryside.
  • Madame Tussauds has incredibly life-like wax figures of everyone from celebrities, historical lovers to cultural icons. It allows visitors get a close-up with some of their most beloved celebrities.
  • The aquarium at ICON Park features sharks, sea turtles and many colorful fishes, thus providing an educational as well as entertaining experience.
  • ICON Park is designed to offer a 360-degree entertainment experience. Not only for thrill seekers but also for those seeking a leisurely day out, there’s something at ICON Park that you will enjoy.
  • For visitors to ICON Park, parking is free, which makes it a destination that people with cars can easily enjoy today!

Points To Be Remembered!

  • Operating Hours: Check the official website or contact ICON Park for the current operating hours. Note that operating hours may vary for individual attractions and restaurants.
  • Admission and Attractions: While admission to ICON Park itself is free, individual attractions may have separate admission fees. Consider purchasing tickets in advance, especially for popular attractions like The Wheel.
  • Special Events: Check if there are any special events or promotions happening during your visit. ICON Park often hosts seasonal events, live entertainment, and themed experiences.
  • Dining Reservations: If you plan to dine at a specific restaurant, especially during peak hours, consider making reservations in advance to avoid long wait times.
  • The Wheel Ride Timing: If you’re planning to experience The Wheel, consider the timing of your ride. Sunset and evening rides can offer spectacular views of the city lights.
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Dining Options:

  • Tapa Toro Spanish Restaurant: A Spanish-inspired restaurant offering a variety of tapas, rice dishes and other Spanish foods. It is a lively place with live music, too!
  • The Yard House: With an extensive menu and a large list of appetizers, burgers, pizzas and drafts you ‘ll earn your beer drinking stripes at this trendy watering hole.
  • Sugar Factory: Known for its over-the-top desserts and signature treats, this is a place where you can have sweet fun and eat a lot too. Start with some savory dishes, along with some over-the-top milkshakes and desserts.
  • Shake Shack: A well-known burger joint offering classic American-style hamburgers, hot dogs, crinkle fries and frozen custard shakes.
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill: A Munster mainstay where you can get casual Italian pasta, pizza out of wood oven or a mouth-watering Italian dish.

Evening Entertainment at the Fun Park:

  • The Wheel Light Show: The Wheel, ICON Park’s iconic observation wheel, lights up with deep rich colors at night from hundreds of lamps embedded inside its rim. The lighting often changes colors and patterns, making for one awesome sight.
  • Fountain Shows: ICON Park’s fountain frequently serves as a backdrop for water and light performances. They are particularly lovely in the evening.
  • Outdoor Dining Atmosphere: At ICON Park, numerous dining places offer outdoor seating. The Fun Park takes on an entirely different complexion in the evening when you dine outdoors and drink in your surroundings.
  • Nightlife at Tin Roof: Tin Roof is an internet café and restaurant at ICON Park. On a warm evening, you can generally listen to live music here and have a blast with live events and performances.
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Prime Position: Location of the Entertainment Hub

ICON Park is situated in a prime location along International Drive (commonly known as I-Drive) in Orlando, Florida. The specific address for ICON Park is:


8375 International Drive

 Orlando, FL 32819 United States

International Drive is 11-mile-long drive in the heart of Orlando. It can easily be called the unofficial Main Street of the city as it is the home to numerous hotels, resorts, shopping outlets, and other attractions, due to which it is the major attraction to visitors from all over the world.

To Reach your Destination, you can use the following Alternatives:

  • Car: If you’re looking for a super-convenient way to reach the Icon Park, reaching by car must top the list. Drive to your destination and never worry about the parking lace as Icon Park provides a lot of free parking.
  • Public Transportation: To go pocket friendly and sustainable, look out for public transportation like local buses that easily drop you at the park.
  • Rideshare Services: If driving is not your cup of here, try booking an Uber or Lyft and explore hassle free.
  • I-Ride Trolley: The I-Ride Trolley is a convenient and cost-effective option for getting around the International Drive area. It operates on a loop and stops at various attractions, including ICON Park.
  • Walking: If you’re staying nearby the Icon Park, give a treat to your health by walking to your destination.
  • Biking: To take a leisurely ride to Icon Park, hire a bicycle and reach your destination while you take in the beauty of International Drive.
  • Hotel Shuttles: Many hotels in the area provide shuttle services to different locations. All you need to do is ask and most probably a vehicle will be ready for you to take around.
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Icon Park is not just a simple place but an entertainment hub for tourists from all around the world. Anytime you reach the park you are bound to be fascinated at its glamour and forget anything else. Each attraction gives you a rush like no other. So, what are waiting for? We suggest you pack your bags and step into the Ultimate World of Entertainment!

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