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Discover the Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival

The Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival is held annually in America and was founded by Superfly Presents and AC Entertainments. Every year this vibrant four-day festival attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors from all over the world. Held in Manchester in Tennessee, this festival was first started in the year 2002 and since then it has been continuously held at Great Stage Park in the city. The main attraction of the festival is that it consists of many stages that showcase different live music shows including pop, jazz, indie, hip hop, classic rock, etc. Every year the festival is started on the second Thursday of June and ends on the fourth day of its commencement. Let’s dive deeper into knowing what the festival is all about and how you should plan your visit if you are planning to attend the Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival. 

Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival

Centeroo and Outeroo

Centeroo is the main venue ground where all the fun takes place. It consists of six main stages where performances start from the afternoon and continue till early next morning. For Centeroo the visitors need a pass for entry and exit and no pass is required for Outeroo. Outeroo is the outer area that keeps the festival alive all through the four days.  


The 700-acre farm in Manchester is all set to get vibrant on the 13th -16th of June this year with 10 stages ready to showcase the best live performances of this summer season. As per the schedule, the event will host Pretty Lights, Fisher, Post Malone, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fred Again. Along with these the additional performances include Cage the Elephant, Megan Thee Stallion, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Diplo and T-Pain.  

This year’s special includes a headline performance by the Pretty Lights on Thursday,13th June at the What Stage (the main stage of the festival). Along with this they will also perform the Sunrise Set on Saturday,15th June at The Other Stage. On all days the performances will begin at around 1:30 pm EST and continue till late at night or till dawn. Below is attached the full lineup of the events- 

Boonaroo Festival Lineup


The Bonnaroo music and art festival offers a variety of tickets to the spectators to choose from. The tickets are categorized into Centeroo tickets, anParking or Camping Accomodations. These accommodations range from car camping deluxe tents ranging from $110 to a few thousand dollars. Coming to Centeroo tickets, the festival offers General Admission Tickets, GA+, VIP, Platinum tickets under each category of 1-day, 2-Day and 4-day passes. The 1-day passes range from $174-$1800, 2-day passes from $348-$600, and 4day passes from $450-$1490. In addition, Add-ons, Dinner and Donation passes are also available on the website. We suggest you buy the tickets from the official website of Bonnaroo festival only. Please find the ticket section attached here. 

Experiences at Bonnaroo besides music

  • Parades: An Outeroo event where every participant marches to beats of the drums, lives the time of their lives and make the best memories with friends and strangers. People dress in an extraordinary way to take the parade tradition to take it to greater heights than the past years. 
  • Soberoo: Soberoo is an exciting group of music lovers that decide to remain sober or away from alcohol or any such products during the event. For this group of fans outeroo conducts a number of events and meetups for like-minded people to connect and enjoy. 
  • Splash-a-roo: Want to escape the afternoon heat? Here’s your escape at Centeroo. You will find a Bonnaroo mushroom fountain and a big water slide to splash into and cool yourself up. 
  • Yoga Roo: Not everyone comes to Bonnaroo to party all the time, some are here to relax. Outeroo conducts free yoga and wellness sessions for all and connects you with nature in its own way. Also, you’ll do yoga on the grass.   
  • Roo Run: Register for Roo Run to run for a cause and contribute your part to Bonnaroo Works Fund. All you need is a pair of athletic shoes and your creative costumes to make the most out of it. 
  • Ferris Wheel: A long tradition that has been going on at Bonnaroo is its Ferris Wheel that lets you take a scenic break from music and dancing. From the top of the wheel, you would be able to witness 700 acres of camp area. 
  • Fountain: One of the highlights of Centeroo includes the Fountain where fans cool themselves off under the water slashes from all around the fountain.  
  • Campground Plazas: These plazas are public camps that are located around all the campsites. You can be anywhere, and you’ll definitely find a plaza nearby. These plazas host events all through the day and night, secret shows and celebrity meets-up, and this is just a glimpse. 
The Fountain at Bonnaroo

Location and Travel Options:

Bonnaroo farm is located at Great Stage Park in Machester, Tennessee which is accessible from all parts of United States very easily. It is a prime road trip location as well. If you are travelling from far, you can opt for a flight. The nearest airport to Bonnaroo farm is Nashville International Airport (BNA). If you really want to go pocket friendly, your best option would be a bus service provider. Greyhound offers service from almost all cities of the US 

Some Suggestions for your Trip:

  • Be Hydrated and keep some ice: During the day it can get very hot at the farm during the programs. Make sure you have enough ice to keep your food and drinks cool. Refill your water bottles from time to time. 
  • It is fine to lose on some events: Bonnaroo festival has back-to-back events lined up and all the enjoyment can exhaust you. Make sure you take proper rest even if it means that you do not get a chance to witness a few performances.  
  • Summer gear is important: It gets very hot during the day so make sure you are ready for that and keep extra shade for your tents. 
  • Keep extra chargers and batteries: Make sure you keep extra battery and charge them full to use them all day (and night if required). 

The above are just a few important tips. For more such instructions and ideas check here 

So, are you ready to ROO? 

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