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Big Beach: Discover the Paradise in Hawaii

If you are looking for the best beach experience in Hawaii, Big Beach needs to be in your bucket list. Also called Oneloa Beach or Makena Beach, Big beach is the one of the largest beaches in Maui (this is from where its name comes), with beautiful scenery and spectacular stretch of golden sand. It is known for its serene atmosphere apt for all ages and activities. Let’s read further to know more about Big Beach. 

Big Beach(Makena)

Glimpse into the Paradise in Hawaii

Big beach is a very spacious beach as compared to other beaches on the Maui Island. It is almost two-thirds of a mile in length and 100 feet wide. This gives enough area to visitors to have an enjoyable time. It is known for its breathtaking beauty surrounded by many natural wonders throughout the stretch. With the Pacific Ocean with its pristine beauty in the background, this ocean beach is covered with golden sand, lush green vegetation and volcanic outcroppings. 

Things to do at Big Beach

  • Surfing: if you love surfing, we assure that this beach is soon going to become your favorite location for a trilling surf. The high tides with quick shift to low ripples make it an adventurous experience here. Keep in mind to be cautious enough as sometimes the tides may get dangerous. 
  • Kayaking: during calm waters the best activity that can be taken up at Big beach is kayaking. Look out for service providers like Maui Kayak Adventures that provide various kayaking tours to Turtle Town and Olowalu. You can also take part in Molokini Kayak challenge. 
  • Snorkeling: The clear waters of Big Beach offer great opportunities for snorkeling. We recommend you do this activity only when the waters are calm to have an unmatched experience. 
  • Bodysurfing and Bodyboarding: If you have expertise and good experience, Big Beach is going to be the best spot for bodysurfing and Bodyboarding. All you need to do is stay cautious of extreme tides and we assure you that you will end up having a thrilling experience. 
Paradise in Hawaii

Explore more near the Beach

  • Pu’u Ola’ Cinder Cone Trail Trek: To make your visit a bit more refreshing, go for an early morning trek to Pu’u Ola’ Cinder Cone. This volcano has stayed silent for years and serves as a good trekking trail. To begin the trek, you will need to reach the west coast of nig Beach and start a hike through the lava rock formations. While experiencing breathtaking views you will now reach the other side of the mountain. Choose a well-defined trail and reach the top of the mountain to witness spectacular ocean and island views. 
  • Sunbath at Little beach: Towards the north end of the Big beach lies the Little Beach. It is a small patch mostly which remains undiscovered by the people. You can find visitors taking sunbath nude at this beach. Nudity is not allowed in Hawaii, but this place remains unnoticed by the authorities due to its distinct hidden location. 

Dining Options near Big Beach

Makena beach does not really have many good dining options so you will have to move around to neighboring beaches for better options. 

  • The Restaurant at Hotel Wailea: Known for its contemporary Hawaiian Cuisines, this restaurant provides fresh farm to table foodwith spectacular ocean views. 
  • Monkeypod Kitchen: Head to this restaurant for a more relaxed lacal ambience and taste the regional Hawaiin foods. 
  • Gannon’s Restaurant: Specializing in the Pacific Rims, this eatery provides innovative dishes loved by all. 
  • Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante: To taste something Italian, this is your go-to place. They provide the best Italian food options with breathtaking views. 

Tips for your trip

  • Sun proofing: Make sure to pack your sunscreen and other sun proofing products for yourself for this beach vacation. 
  • Hiking Gear: If you are planning to trek along the volcanic cone, keep in mind to take your trekking shoes and other things that you might need during the trek. 
  • Stay hydrated: During the day, the temperature at the Big beach can go really high. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated to enjoy your vacation. 
  • High Tides: The high tides at the beach can be really dangerous. Keep in mind to be careful with your activities during these times or simply avoid dangerous activities during high tides. 
  • Follow locals: Locals understand the ocean waters the best, so follow their instructions and their activities to have a good experience. 
Hike along Pu'u Ola' Cinder Cone


Makena beach also known as Big Beach is located in the southern part of maui Island of Hawaii. It is a beautiful coastal area with the presence of Pu’u Ola’ Cinder Cone, the silent volcano. If you are travelling by road you can head south from Kihei to Piilani Highway (Hwy 31), continue straight till you reach Makena Alanui Road and look for the Makena beach entrance.  

How to reach there

  • By flight: Reach the Kahului Airport (OGG) And rent ka car or use a shuttle service to reach the Big Beach. 
  • By rental car: This is the most convenient way to reach the beach at your comfort. If you are ready to pay some extra bugs, this could be your best option. 
  • Sharing service or taxis: If you do not wish to drive, you can simply book a taxi or a sharing service. 
  • Public transportation: For a more pocket-friendly travel use shuttle service that can easily be located around Hawaii to reach Big Beach. 
  • Biking: If you are staying nearby Makena beach, we suggest you bike to the beach to experience a more trilling time. 

Big Beach is one of the most beautiful gems of Hawaii and on the Maui coast it is nothing less than a natural wonder. Packed with serene atmosphere, varied activities and a trekking opportunity, Makena beach is a package of thrill and excitement giving the best experience to its visitors. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your sunscreen and hop on to your summer getaway to Big Beach. 

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