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Your guide to glittering Mermaid Parade 2024 in Coney Island

The Mermaid Parade is back for the 42nd time with all its shimmering glory. Get ready to witness the procession of mermaids and mermen led by the King Neptune and Queen Mermaid. The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is the country’s largest art parade that showcases beautiful shiny costumes fashioned by participating men and women. The parade attracts a huge number of spectators every summer to the amusement area of Coney Island, helping to boost local businesses. Let’s dive deeper to know everything about the Mermaid Parade of 2024. 

Mermaid Parade Costumes

History of Mermaid Parade

In the year 1983, Coney Island Mermaid Parade was founded by Dick Zigun as a not-for-profit art organization. This parade is inspired by the Fourth of July Parades in the US and Coney Island Madri Gras Parades. The main elements of culture and rich history blended with oceanic themes of mermaids and waves are showcased in the parade. People from the city and outside dress in different vibrant costumes like mermaids, mermen and pirates. The local artists and performers get a chance to showcase their skills encouraging creativity at all levels. 

Timings and Schedule

In 2024, the Mermaid Parade is all set to be organized on 22nd June. This Coney Island event marks the beginning of the summer season in New York City. The parade is scheduled to begin at 1pm and usually ends by 5pm. This is followed by the official Beach Ceremony at Coney Island which marks the beginning of the summer swimming season. After 5pm an official party is conducted at Coney Island Brewery till 10pm.


To march at the Mermaid Parade, you need to register either online or day of. The online registrations will end on 18th June. You can easily register as a Family Marcher, Artsy Marcher, Marching Bands, Antique cars, Motorized float and truck entries or a photographer. The registration fees range from $20-$35 for Family Marchers, $35 for artsy Marcher, $150 for bands, Antique car $60, Motorized Float $250 and truck $300, photographer $55. There is a hike of around $5-$20 for onsite registrations. 

Marchers at Mermaid Parade


  • Coney Island Mermaid Parade: The main event for the day is the Mermaid Parade that attracts people from all around the world. There are judges and participants. The participants dress in colorful costumes that reflect marine life and march down the Surf Avenue and Coney Island Boardwalk. This year the Neptune King Joe Coleman and Mermaid Queen Whitney Ward will lead the procession. 
  • Official Beach Ceremony: At around 5pm the spectators and participants move from the Judges stands to the beach where the official beach ceremony takes place. This ceremony marks the beginning of the summer swimming season at Coney Beach. 
  • Coney Island Breweries Party: After the Mermaid Parade and Beach ceremony the festivities continue around Coney Island. One such celebration is at the Coney Island Breweries Party. This bar is known for its craft beer. The party includes live performances, music and other entertainment for the participants to finally relax and socialize with people at Coney Island. 
  • The Coney Island Circus Sideshow: This is the amazing mix of a traditional circus and slideshow where talented performers showcase classic arts like sword swallowing, fire-eating, and human blockhead. For minimal registration fees of $15 and $12 for adults and children respectively, this slideshow is an amazing chance for the visitors to indulge in historical Americana. 

Mermaid Parade route

The parade starts sharp at 1pm from West 21st and Surf Avenue. It then goes east to West 10th Street where the participants move to Boardwalk and reach the Steeplechase Plaza. The Parade ends under the Parachute Jump where the archers disperse.  

For the evening ceremony, a procession is led by the judges from the judges’ stand in 19th street and Surf Avenue to the beach while crossing Maimonides Park Parking lot. The marchers are welcome to join in at any point, starting or end. 

Parade Map

Location and Travel options

For Coney Island the following address is the prime location: 1208 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224. 

For the registration area reach the parking lot at 3050W W21st St, Brooklyn, NY 11224.  

To reach the Coney Island you can use: 

Bus: many buses from all around the city and nearby cities will easily take you to the island. 

Subway: Take D, Q, N or F train to reach the Coney Island or Stillwell Avenue Station if you are comfortable with public transport. 

Car: If you want to travel in your comfort drive to the above address to reach your destination. Many easily accessible parking places are available at the location. 

Tips for your Trip

  • Registration: You can register as a Marcher online or on the parade day at the parking lot of Surf Avenue, but it is advisable to register online beforehand. 
  • Bribe the Judges: Many participants tend to bribe the judges to get a better chance at winning the event. They offer edible and non-edibles, alcoholic and non-alcoholics. You could always try to impress the judges through a bribe. 
  • Accessibility: The whole area is wheelchair accessible. 
  • Petfriendliness: There is no policy against furry friends but the asphalt on roads can get hot, so keep that in mind before you get them. 
  • Awards: The awards for the event will be presented to the winners on 9th July from 5pm-8pm in Coney Island USA. 

So, are you ready to witness the glittering Mermaid Parade? Grab your most sea-like outfit and get to Coney Island to witness the largest art parade in the country. 

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