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Coronado Beach: The Sparkling Jewel of US

Located on Coronado Island, the most pristine beach known for its sparkling water is Coronado Beach. The golden sand beach with San Diego skyline on the East and Pacific Ocean on the West is a perfect location to escape from the bustling city crowd. The beach extends 1.5 miles at the end of the island and shimmers due to the presence of mica mineral in the golden sand. 

Coronado Beach

Hotel Del Coronado and History of the Beach

Entwined with the famous Hotel del Coronado which opened its doors in 1888, the beach has a story of its own. This grand Victorian-era hotel, a National Historic Landmark, has seen many celebrities, dignitaries and even royalty and this adds another layer to its area of historical and cultural richness. The hotel’s iconic, red-roofed structure is monumental to the rich history of Coronado Beach as well as its lasting appeal as a luxury getaway.  

Coronado del hotel

Things to do at Coronado Beach

  • Surfing: At Coronado Beach, the waves are consistent and easy to manage, which is great for both novices and experienced surfers. Surfing is a great activity to be taken up during beach visits. 
  • Paddleboarding: Paddleboarding is also a popular activity here, offering another quiet way of looking at the coastal panorama from your own vantage point. This activity will need some training and practice to get you accustomed to the board but once you learn, it will turn out to be your favorite time on ocean waters. 
  • Beach Volleyball: With volleyball courts set up along the beach, this is a perfect place for some friendly games.  
  • Sandcastle Building: Coronado beach is also home to fine sand which makes building sandcastles a fun activity on family holidays. Get your kids and their sandcastle kits for a delightful time. 
  • Dog Beach: Located at the north end of the beach, Dog Beach is a dog-friendly area. Pets are allowed to enjoy this beautiful part with their human companions under some provisions that allow for peaceful co-existence between humans and animals. 
  • Shopping: A few steps away, in the nearby Coronado Ferry Landing or Orange Avenue, you can walk around a number of shops, galleries and boutiques seeking out locally procured art pieces made on the beach or turned into sand sculptures. 
  • Special Events: On the Sands of Coronado Beach, diverse events are held all year round. Sandcastle contests, music concerts and holiday celebrations add a fresh flavor to the local atmosphere and for visitors they offer yet another pleasure trip. 
  • Naval Force Station: Towards the north end of Coronado Island, Naval Air Station is also present where the naval practices and ships and aircraft trails take place. On some occasions, visitors are allowed to witness the practices and experience a distinct part of the Island. 

Dining Options

If you want to enjoy a casual beach meal and witness the beauty of the sea in front of you, then the Del Beach Bar of the historic Hotel del Coronado is perfect. Here, a visitor can enjoy light fare such as sandwiches, salads and seafood while taking in the picturesque scenery right outside their window. Another popular venue is Brigantine Seafood & Oyster Bar which is found on Orange Avenue. Here, seafood is fresh, and oysters abound. If you’re looking for the taste of the ocean-any kind of it-this is your place. The atmosphere is casual yet lively, so it is the perfect place for a laid-back dining experience. For a real taste of Mexico, Miguel’s Cocina offers delicious local cuisine and a range of traditional dishes. The environment is buzzing with life, and everybody is welcome. These restaurants, together with a number of other cafes and bistros scattered around the area, are guaranteed to provide a filling meal whether one is looking for a quick snack or more leisurely dining experience. 

Coronado sunset

Some tips for your trip

  • Plan ahead: The beach may be crowded, particularly in peak tourist seasons and weekends. Starting out early is helpful to get a good spot. 
  • Sun Protection: Bring sunscreen, hats, and umbrellas to shield from the strong sunshine. 
  • Stay Hydrated: Do not forget plenty of water, especially if you expect to spend an entire day at the beach. 
  • Respect the Environment: Dispose of trash in the proper manner and follow local guidelines to keep beaches clean. 

Prime Location

Coronado Beach is situated on Coronado Island towards the end of San Diego mainland. It is connected to San Diego by Coronado bridge and a strip of land called Silver Strand. It is beautifully positioned where it provides a mesmerizing view of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the city skyline on the other. To reach the location you will have to first reach San Diego and then use Coronado bridge to follow through Orange Avenue. This Avenue leads you to Coronado and its beautiful beaches. 

Coronado bridge

There are several ways to get to Coronado Beach 

  • By Car: It’s a direct route to Coronado Island from downtown San Diego, and the mild scenery and cool air is not to be missed. From the bridge, keep heading in the direction of Orange Avenue. You will easily find public parking there if you don’t mind difficult spaces during busy times. 
  • By Ferry: The Coronado Ferry currently runs from downtown San Diego to the Broadway Pier and the San Diego Convention Center. The Bay fair is not only efficient but beautiful too. The ferry takes you to the Coronado Ferry Landing, from where you can either walk, take a bike or hire a patch and reach the beach in no time at all. 
  • By Public Transit: Public transit provides another way to get to Coronado from San Diego. City buses leave from different points throughout San Diego and will take you over the Coronado bridge. MTS Routes 901 and 904 are available for easy access and service the island. 

Here are the directions to Coronado Beach. 

Coronado Beach in San Diego is rated one of the best beaches in California for the past few years and it has never disappointed any visitors. Its sparkling waters attract people from all over the world enchanting them like no other ocean water. It is a must visit for everyone once in a lifetime. Be it with family, friends or your loved one, this beach will offer a great summer vacation. So, pack your bags and set out on this beautiful adventure to Coronado Beach. 

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