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Celebrate the exciting art of Sand Sculpting at Texas SandFest

It is settled along the picture-worthy Gulf of Mexico, Port Arkansas in Texas is a jewel that sparkles with sun-kissed beaches, vibrant culture, and a very laid-back kind of atmosphere. This coastal heaven is an annual destination for beach lovers and there’s a special event that draws the attention of visitors from far and wide which is known as SandFest. Today, we will delve into what makes SandFest such a unique and must-see experience in Port Arkansas and will provide you with all the information that you will need to make the best out of this sandy spectacle.   

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SandFest is a yearly event that has now become synonymous with Port Arkansas. It celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship that can be achieved with nothing more than just sand and water. It had its beginnings in 1997 as just a small local competition but over the years has grown as one of the biggest and most prestigious sculpture competitions in the United States.  


  • World Class Sculptors – One of the key elements that increase SandFest’s status to an even higher level is the caliber of the sculptors participating. You will see artists from all around the world flocking to Port Arkansas to display their talent and compete for this coveted title. These sculptors can simply transform ordinary grains of sand into intricate and awe-inspiring masterpieces that push the boundaries of what is possible with the application of human creativity.  
  • Diverse Categories – There are a wide range of tastes and preferences that SandFest caters to. They feature multiple categories for competitions that range from solo competitions where individual artists show their skills to dynamic duo and group categories where everyone can get involved. They are also a special category for amateur sculptors who encourage local talent to join in the fun.   
  • Andy Hancock – YouTube personality Andy Hancock will be kicking off the week with public demonstrations in the afternoon from 1 pm onwards. Therefore, you can come and learn so much from a Beach Sand Sculpture Professional. Plus, Andy will also be offering a very limited number of family group sandcastle lessons where participants will have the chance to learn how to build sandcastles.  
  • Live Music – They also feature live music on the beach with various local and regional bands that perform at the event every year.  

Important Information about Texas SandFest

  • Date and Timings – SandFest usually takes place over a weekend, with the exact dates differing every year. The SandFest this year is planned for April 19-21, 2024.   
  • Ticket info – Even though some of the areas of SandFest are free to the public, certain ticketed areas provide exclusive access to certain sculptures, workshops, and activities. It is therefore recommended that you purchase the tickets in advance to be able to secure your spot and make the most out of your visit to SandFest.   
  • Parking – General parking lots will now be available at beach marker 9 (exit at Avenue G) and marker 19 (exit at 17.5). The most popular parking lot is the North Gate parking lot around Beach marker 9 accessible from Avenue G.  
  • Wristbands – You can get wristbands in advance at the Guest Services Tent.  

Getting there

SandFest takes place on Port Arkansas beach between markers 13 and 17.   

It is important to know that Beach Road is often restricted to one-way traffic heading southbound from Avenue G to Access Road 1-A. So, whether you’re coming from south via 361 North, or coming across the ferry landing to Port Arkansas, you should map out where you wish to access the festival. During the peak times, you can expect main beach access points to be backed up with slow-moving traffic.  

There are also many shuttle pickup points around the town, and there are many parking lots to  consider. 

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Other things to do

  • Relax on the Beach – While SandFest might be the highlight of many traveler’s trips, make sure you do not forget to enjoy Port Arkansas’ many beaches. It can be the perfect place to unwind and soak in the coastal beauty due to its pristine white sands and its gentle waves.   
  • Wildlife Encounters – All nature enthusiasts will appreciate the abundance of wildlife in the area. You should consider taking a boat tour to spot the dolphins playing in the waves or embark on a bird-watching expedition to witness the various avian species that call this area their home.  


Attendees of SandFest can browse through vendors that sell a variety of foods. There are plenty of options for summer food such as corndogs funnel cakes and lemonades. There are also fresh seafood shacks that serve up the catch of the day to upscale waterfront dining, the options are just endless. Be sure that you savor the local flavors and indulge yourself in a culinary adventure while you are visiting SandFest 


Given the popularity of SandFest, it is best if you look to book your accommodation well in advance. Port Arkansas offers a variety of lodging options from beachfront resorts to cozy vacation rentals. Make sure that you stay within proximity of the event so that it ensures that you can easily navigate the festivities and fully enjoy the amazing atmosphere of SandFest.   

With a wide selection of rentals, there can be no better place to look for your home away from home than to book Port A Beach House Company. 

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SandFest in Port Arkansas, Texas is more than just a festival, it is a celebration of creativity, skills, and the beauty of sand sculptures. You can be an art enthusiast, a beach lover, or just someone looking for a memorable experience, SandFest has something to offer for everyone. You should, therefore, plan your visit to Port Arkansas during the yearly extravaganza and be treated to a magical world where sand transforms into extraordinary works of art before your eyes. The 2024 SandFest is supposed to happen on April 19-21. 2024.   

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