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Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best beaches across America at Wanderlust America. Here you will find everything from the pristine shores of California to the serene beauty of the sands of Hawaii. These guides include a variety of activities that can be taken up at the respective beaches, main attractions, dining options and hidden gems for you to explore the destinations to get the most out of your visits. We have covered vibrant beaches with a dazzling nightlife and peaceful beaches for a relaxing visit. Let dive deep into each guide to unravel the essence of each beach along the coast of America. 

Gulfport beach, also known as the gem of Gulfport, is one of the closest ocean beaches to Arkansas. Located in Mississippi, this beach is known for a serene atmosphere where visitors can engage in various activities. 

Gulfport beach

If you are looking for the best beach experience in Hawaii, Big Beach needs to be in your bucket list. Also called Oneloa Beach or Makena Beach, Big beach is the one of the largest beaches in Maui (this is from where its name comes), 

Big BeachMakena

Main Beach at Long Island is one of the United States’ most renowned beaches. It has been consistently listed as a top-ranked beach by prestigious magazines and research organizations. Its wide strip of soft white sand and crystal clear, green blue waters complements your picture of how paradise might be.

Main Beach

Lake Charles Beach is a hidden gem just waiting to be found in northeastern Arkansas’s lush countryside. Resting on the lake Charles and located within Lake Charles State Park of Arkansas, this beautiful destination offers all sorts of natural scenery,

lake charles beach

Located on Coronado Island, the most pristine beach known for its sparkling water is Coronado Beach. The golden sand beach with San Diego skyline on the East and Pacific Ocean on the West is a perfect location to escape from the bustling city crowd.

Coronado Beach
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