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Unveiling the Treasures: Los Angeles County Museum of Art

As we unveil the artistic treasures, we invite the creative minds and the enthusiats to the haven of art in Los Angeles. Let’s embark on the colourful journey to the vibrant cultural hub of the city known as Los Angeles County Museum of Art or simply, LACMA. Renowned for its rich collection and wide array of exhibitions the engage visitors of all ages, here’s a travel guide to LACMA 

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Intriguing Facts about County Museum of Art

  • The Largest Art Museum in the Western United States: LACMA is the largest art museum in the western United States. Its collection spans thousands of years and includes a wide variety of cultures from around the world.  
  • The “Urban Light” Installation: One of the things best known at LACMA is its 202 cast iron street lights restored to their original beauty from the 1920s and 1930s–and artist Chris Burden’s Urban Light sculpture. Today it has become a beloved symbol of the museum and also a favorite spot for visitors to take photos.  
  • Unique Architecture: LACMA’s original buildings were designed by architect William Pereira. Today they are accompanied by additions that include the beautifully-appointed Resnick Pavilion, designed by Renzo Piano, and futuristic BCAM (Broad Contemporary Art Museum) also designed by Renzo Piano.  
  • Levitated Mass: Another prominent outdoor installation at LACMA is “Levitated Mass” by artist Michael Heizer. This is a huge sculpture, And Its 340-ton granite boulder rests upon a long concrete trench, creating a spectacular visual display that confuses viewers’ senses of scale and weight.  
  • Rich Cultural Diversity: LACMA’s collection reflects the diverse cultural scenes found within Los Angeles and noticed around the globe. From ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary masterpieces, the museum offers an overview of human creativity across different times and places.  
  • Free Admission for Children: LACMA offers free admission to kids under 18 years of age, making it a family-friendly stop. This initiative aims to plant the seeds of a new era of artists and art lovers by providing young people with opportunities to see and relate landmarks in the museum’s collection. 

Must-See Collections and Exhibits at LACMA

Once you step through the door of Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), you encounter a rich array of collections that spans many cultures, periods and artistic movements. In order to help ensure that you get as much as possible out of your visit, here we present some of the attractions that must be seen.    

  • “Urban Light” by Chris Burden: “Urban Light” by Chris Burden is a walk-in garden made of aging streetlamps. This iconic outdoor sculpture has become a symbol of LACMA beloved by people from near and far, who come to see its enchanting light.  
  • Egyptian Art: At LACMA, Egyptian Art transports you back to ancient Egypt. Every piece, from exquisitely carved sculptures to elaborate sarcophagi, allows us a close-up look into this rich and enigmatic civilization.  
  • “Levitated Mass” by Michael Heizer: Prepare to be awed by the monumental sculpture “Levitated Mass” made by Michael Heizer. This work defies gravitation, challenging our sense of scale. Marvel at size, of course; but also savor how heavy is that great boulder floating suspended above a concrete trench.  
  • European Art: Marvel in the beautiful and elegant world of European art as you wander through LACMA’s galleries. From Renaissance masterpieces to Impressionist gems, the collection demonstrates an evolving form of artistic expression across centuries and continents. 
  • Modern and Contemporary Art: Let LACMA’s extraordinary modern and contemporary art collection showcase the very cutting-edge of 20th-21stcentury art to you. Pushing boundaries and challenging convention, with works by iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Frida Kahlo; this collection invites viewers to see the world through a new lens: which is both complement and opposition simultaneously leavening an indifferent perception.  
  • Korean Art: Experience the elegance and beauty of Korean art at LACMA ‘s galleries. Each piece, from exquisite blue-and-white porcelain to high-quality paintings, reflects the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of Korea and provides a deeper understanding of both its cultural story national identity respectively.  
  • Latin American Art: Discover the brilliant colours and flexible forms of Latin America at LACMA ‘s galleries. The collection celebrates the diversity and colorfulness of Latin American culture with pre-Columbian artifacts to contemporary masterpieces, providing a canvas where dialogue can take place.  
  • Special Exhibitions: LACMA ‘s special rotating lineup of exhibitions features curated selections works of art and thematic presentations. From blockbuster retrospectives to thought-provoking installations, temporary shows at this institution provide fresh perspectives and unique experiences with every visit. 
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Admission and Timings:

The operating hours of LACMA may vary, however, usually the timings for weekday are 11am to 6pm and on weekends the opening hours are 10am to 7pm. The Museum remains closed on Wednesdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

The tickets for the museum can be purchased from the official website and prices start from $13 for teens and reach $28 for adults. Group tickets are also available for groups of more than 10 members during the regular operating hours of the museum.  


LACMA provides a variety of dining options to the visitor. From a coffee barista to a full meal speciality cuisine restaurant, LACMA offers all. It should be understood that admission to the museum is not necessary to relish the below listed eateries: 

Finding LACMA: Location

Situated on Wilshire Boulevard, LACMA is geographically convenient for all Los Angeles residents as well as visitors. Museums can be reached by car, on foot and through public transportation. And because it is so central to town location means that you are never far from all kinds of amenities or places of interest. 

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Travel Options: Navigating Your Way

Not sure how to get to LACMA? Here are a few travel options to consider: 

Public Transportation: Just hop on the Metro or a bus and have yourself a care-free ride to LACMA. It’s simple–also budget and environment-friendly with stops nearby!  

Driving: If you prefer to drive, there is plenty of parking available right on the premises for distortion-free departure. Just remember to check for any road closures or construction updates before you hit the road. 

Rideshare Services: Riding LACMA-bound and need a lift? Call for rideshare service. Arriving effortlessly by vehicle is just the thing. No hassle with parking too! 


As we finish our passage through the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, we hope that you feel inspired and ready to embark upon your own artistic journey. Whether you’re a seasoned art-lover or someone new to the field, LACMA offers something for all to appreciate. So what are you waiting for? Make plans today! Come immerse yourself in the beauty and excitement waiting at LACMA! 

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