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Discovering the Underworld: The Mob Museum in the Las Vegas Strip

Hello mates, step into organized crime in the rich sunlight of Las Vegas. A treasure trove of history and crime lies waiting for you nestled amongst the glitz and glamour Sin City has to offer. Let’s step back in time and learn more about the underworld as we follow some of America’s most famous gangsters. The notorious Mob Museum will reveal all.

History: Origin and Development

The Mob Museum is located inside a historical former federal courthouse, which only adds to its mystique and atmosphere. The center was the scene of many trials involving the mob during organized crime’s zenith in Las Vegas. It was transformed into a museum by none other than former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, who has close ties to the city’s colorful past.

Mob Museum 1

Did You Know?

  • Artifacts Wonderland: What does the closet of a mobster look like? You can look forward to over 1000 artifacts from Tommy guns and glitzy jewelry once worn by infamous mobs when visiting the Mob Museum.
  • Gangster Training 101: Be a bunny just like the police officer in Wells–it’s a firearm training game at the museum. Game or immersive experience, you can feel the adrenaline when you become part of this year-old law enforcement operation against the mob and see how far we have come today.
  • Underground Speakeasy: Experience the atmosphere of an underground speakeasy as you sip a classic cocktail from The Underground Speakeasy, the Mob Museum’s on- site restaurant. With its dense atmosphere and secret entrances, it’s like something out of “National Capitol Scene” on the Boardwalk Empire.
  • Lights, Camera, Action: The Mob Museum is not just a museum–it’s a film star! You may recognize its iconic facade from films like “Casino” and “The Godfather Part II.”
  • Secret Passages: You think you’ve seen everything. Think again! The Mob Museum is crammed with secret passageways and hidden rooms for yet another layer of intrigue on your visit. Who knows what those spaces might contain?
  • Courtroom Drama: Housed in a former federal courthouse, the Mob Museum gives even greater depth to your visit. Picture yourself standing where actual mob trials once took place!
  • Plenty of Mobster Memorabilia: From Al Capone’s cigar case to Bugsy Siegel’s lucky cufflinks, the museum’s mobster collection of mementos is always breathtaking.
  • Speakeasy Secrets: Crowd into a mock speakeasy and feel what it was like to take a drink of illegal booze in the days of Prohibition. Only, be careful to keep your voice down-walls have ears, you know!
  • Interactive: It’s Not Just an Ordinary Exhibition – You’re Part of the Show! Test your skills in decoding secret messages and learn about the game of cat and mouse between criminals and law enforcement.
  • Award-Winning Experience: Not only is the Mob Museum a hit with visitors, but it has also received accolades from brands like TripAdvisor for creative installations and large-scale events. So, what are you waiting for? Let yourself be swept up into the world of organized crime and prepare to be amazed!

Explore the Museum: Walking through the Sin City

Mob Museum consists of a basement and 3 floors. Each floor has amazing exhibits that time travels you to the past and leaves you in awe. Let’s look into the exhibits at each level.

Mob Museum at First Floor

  • In the Era of Prohibition: Examine the era of Prohibition with exhibits displaying bootlegging and speakeasies. See the social changes made by classic stills for making moonshine and more.
  • The Rise of Organized Crime: Find out how it all began in America with informative signs that chart the early days of mobster domination through violence and business skill.
  • Speakeasy Replica: The bar is a perfect replica of an old-style speakeasy; drinking there was a sure-fire way to get arrested.
  • Enforcing the Law: Find out about the obstacles encountered by enforcement agencies in their battle against organized crime. This includes various agents such as Eliot Ness and the Bureau of Prohibition.

Second Floor Exhibits of Mob Museum

  • FBI and Law enforcement: Follow the story of how the FBI was created, and its efforts to wipe out organized crime, including legendary agents like Eliot Ness who captured gangs.
  • Mob Trials: Revealing relics from notorious mob trials in history, including evidence, trial sketches, and headlines reported by every newspaper.
  • Wiretap Room Replica: In a mock wiretap room, radio technology was used by police to penetrate the mob’s security shroud, thus acquiring knowledge.
  • Law vs. Mob: Learn how organized crime battled with law enforcement, starting with the enactment of RICO laws and the rise of witness protection programs.

Third Floor at the Mob Museums!

  • Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall: This segment of the actual wall from the bloody St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Massacre shows the violence that was Chicago in its heyday. Seven members of North Side Gang brutally tortured and killed by men working directly for Al Capone in 1929.
  • Tough Little Town: Imagine yourself in the hard streets of Chicago, late 19th century. Then once “that tough little town” where murder was as common an occurrence as the weather, this photo shows conditions for gangsters like Capone, who either survived or perished according to their ability and good fortune.
  • The Tentacles Spread: These exhibits document the expansion of mafia enterprises into every corner of the country. Stories illustrate establishment crime families in cities like New York, Las Vegas, and Miami, for example, they provided local citizens with immoral means to make fast money out of ignorance of earthlings’ corruption.
  • Prohibition: The era of Prohibition, had so many negative effects upon organized crime but did it put the kibosh on bootlegging permanently? There are artifacts here from that time and exhibits which relate a tug-of-war between police and bootlegging gangs, including the ingenious tactics employed to smuggle and distribute alcoholic beverages.
  • Follow the Money: Attraction within the Mob Museum traces the origins of organized crime’s illicit wealth through interactive exhibits explaining money laundering and other financial crimes.
Mob Museum   Valentines day massacre scaled

The Basement

  • The Underground: Descend the stairway and explore behind the scenes at the Mob Museum. Discover secret tunnels and hidden rooms that give you a glimpse of the underworld of racketeering, illegal gambling parlors to speakeasies.
  • The Speakeasy: Enter a living history museum that provides the visitor with a replica of a 1920s speakeasy, complete Prohibition cocktails and all. With its low light, intimate atmosphere, and secret doors, this exhibit is a little different from those back in the Roaring Twenties when bootlegged liquor flourished despite national prohibition.
  • The Distillery: Find out how bootlegging and whiskey making were done at the museum’s distillery exhibit. See how bootleggers, after a long and arduous day of finding new ways past the law enforcement people who failed to catch them, kept their stills going strong during America’s dry period.

Dining Options: Taste the Flavor

While you are visiting the museum, why not treat yourself to some Italian food at The Underground Speakeasy, the museum’s restaurant. When you dine on classic cuisine and sip a bespoke cocktail in such a delightful, speakeasy-inspired restaurant it brings to consumers of the past era. The restaurant is designed as a playful homage to the era of Prohibition, and its menu features dishes with names such as “Bonnie and Clyde Kiev” or “Al Capone’s Breakfast 𝗛𝗔𝗨𝗦𝗛”.

Discover the Neighborhood

While you’re checking out the Mob Museum, don’t forget the other shiny pieces of candy within walking distance like Fremont Street and its amazing light show. Visit under-the-radar casinos and bars on downtown Las Vegas, where you can be exposed to history, wandering nightlife in the dense city. Take a walk around neighborhoods nearby to gaze at architecture from yesteryear and dig up a few treasures that are censored that far off the beaten path!

Location: A Place Where History Comes to Life

The Mob Museum is located at 300 Stewart Avenue, downtown Vegas. It’s easy to get from the Strip to this museum. The museum places you at the heart of other tourist attractions and restaurants, making it the ideal spot to include in your Las Vegas travel plans. 

mob museum 3

Traveling Suggestions- How do I Get There:

  • The Las Vegas Monorail can take you smoothly, quickly, and conveniently from any of the four hotels on the Strip to the Museum.
  • Take a taxi or rideshare downtown or use public transport.
  • If you don’t mind using a little elbow grease and want to take the scenic route, the walk between the Strip and the museum is about 1 mile, with lots of chances to see Las Vegas know how it looks and sounds depending on each neighborhood you go through.

Once you visit the Mob Museum, we assure you that you will be filled with awe at the history and intrigue that unfolds. From the very beginnings of organized crime to the endless struggle by the police and FBI against these much-feared gangs, each exhibit relates a story that is as captivating as it is educational. So next time you’re in Las Vegas, make a point to drop by this hidden gem on the strip. You never can tell what secrets you might find in the store.

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