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Niagara Falls: An iconic natural wonder

Niagara Falls, nestled in the border area between New York State and Ontario, Canada, testifies how magnificent nature can be. Its majestic beauty and mighty torrential waters have captured the hearts of visitors since time immemorial. The  Niagara Falls includes three waterfalls, Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls, making the waterfalls one of the most renowned places on earth for their great size and breath-taking beauty. The force of the water pouring over the edge of the falls leaves viewers breathless, helping it to become one of the most iconic natural wonders on earth.

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Marvel at the Beauty of Niagara Falls!

  • Tour by Maid of the mist boat: Step aboard the Maid of the Mist and go so as Kingfishers can have it too! As you drive down the Niagara River you’re blanketed in fog, but you can see that Niagara Falls will come quietly into view. Up close, marvel at their sheer size and beauty even as you feel in your chest the sheer power of nature. With the roar of the falls in your ears, this is a fully immersive experience guaranteed to leave you both humbled and exhilarated.
  • Niagara Falls State Park: Welcome to Niagara Falls State Park, where the splendor of nature is on full view. As the oldest state park in the United States, it is a tribute to the lasting appeal of Niagara Falls. Here you are surrounded by a world of stunning beauty: lush green trees, winding paths for hiking and some of the most extraordinary landscapes for viewing mission you can imagine. For a different perspective, the park’s observation decks—Niagara Falls State Park Observation Tower and Skylon Tower—provide stunning panoramic views that allow fall watchers to look down on their favorite natural wonder while taking in some wider scene.
  • Cave of the Winds: Make yourself ready for an unforgettable experience as you walk on wood pathways to the Hurricane Deck at Cave of the Winds. With wooden walkways leading your way deep into the heart of Niagara’s natural wonders, stand mere feet away from the thundering water and feel the power of the falls as mist or spray engulfs you. It is a thrilling experience, which brings you closer than ever before to the raw power and beauty of Niagara Falls.
  • Illuminated Falls at Night: When night falls over Niagara Falls, a magical transformation takes place. The falls are now bathed with color produced by lights and transformed into a dramatic visual display. Water cascades through the night under a brilliant blanket of the sky. In addition to the illuminated boat tour, a charming, framed picture of these falls that will leave memories lasting a lifetime.
  • Helicopter Tour: Take a helicopter tour of Niagara Falls , offering you one of nature’s most splendid spectacles up close. From high above the waterfalls, you can see this wonderful natural masterpiece from all perspectives at once. Whether it’s the rough sea on the brink of the falls or exuberant grasses of Niagara State Park, it asks visitors to step back and enjoy a visualization like no other experience in existence. Chances are you’ll never forget this adventure by helicopter at Niagara Falls.
  • Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour: The jet boat tour of the Niagara Whirlpool will sweep you away on a wild ride. If you love adventure, then just hold on tight. The Niagara River swirls around the boat, and each new current is another rush of adrenalin-inducing fun. With twists and turns that come so suddenly, along with each new drop after drop ,it’s an adventure to keep your heart in fear and leave you wanting some more adrenaline.
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Hop on to the Historical adventure of Niagara Falls

  • Old Fort Niagara: At Old Fort Niagara, you can take a step back in time and truly relive history. Located at the meeting of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario, this storied old establishment was first established as a military post in 1726. Visit the fort’s stone walls, cannons, and barracks to discover their part in the wholly different view of North America that they helped to shape history. With thrilling reenactments, guided tours, and spectacular views of Lake Ontario Old Fort Niagara is a destination not to be missed for history lovers and adventurers alike.
  • Erie Canal: Take off on a scenic journey along the Erie Canal with a trip through Lockport Locks cruises. As you wind your way down this waterway, you’ll glide through a series of historic locks which once played a major role in shaping the economic landscape of America. Find out about canal life along the way: get a better appreciation for lock engineering marvels and schedule of flows via ordinary people’s stories, as you navigate through beautiful countryside and quaint towns. With commanding views and fascinating insights into yesterday, a boat trip on the Erie Canal is an experience not to pass up.
  • Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center: Untold tales of grit and courage are exposed during the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center. Situated near Niagara Falls themselves, this museum delves into the history of the Underground Railroad, showing how it functioned and what role it played in freeing slaves. Join the narrative interactive exhibits, and step back into the period to get first-hand experience of what it was it like for those seeking freedom. Meet the daring escapees who abandoned everything to build a new life. With its moving, powerful narratives and inspirational displays, the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center bears witness to the indomitable spirit of humanity which had refused be suppressed.
  • Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum: The Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum, just a short drive from Niagara Falls in North Tonawanda. It celebrates carousels in all their art and history. Dabble with vintage carousels, check out hand-carved animals or simply admire the patriotic red, white-and blue as far as the eye can see. With rides, classes and special events throughout the year, Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum is always a delightful and charming destination for people of all ages.
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Extend your Discovery!

  • Art Alley NF: Cheer for the wonderful art scene of North Tonawanda in Art Alley NF, a peaceful, sunlit gorge covered by murals from local artists and graffiti angers and decked with huge pieces of curry-color works that shine life onto an otherwise neglected blind alley. From large-scale masterpieces to provocative street art, Art Alley NF is a veritable feast for the eyes. It also provides a window open onto the bustle of Niagara Falls art scene. Each visit you’ll find something different. And new works are appearing all the time.
  • Riviera Theatre and Performing Arts Center: Catch the excitement of live performances at the Riviera Theatre & Performing Arts Center. In the heart of North Tonawanda, this historic venue offers a vibrant program that spans everything from concerts, plays and dance recitals to film screenings. Enter and you are taken back to times of style, luxury excitement: carefully crafted architecture, dark gold seating all around you and a certain eagerness in the air. Whether you’re watching a show or just taking in the beautiful surroundings, the Riviera Theatre will definitely leave an impression on you.
  • Fashion Outlets: The latest addition to these sprawling shopping areas, fashion outlets of Niagara Falls USA have something for everyone. With more than 200 designer and brand-name stores open to shoppers it truly is a shoppers’ paradise right on your doorstep (or rather just down the road from the falls). Everything from high-end fashion to accessories to home decor, electronics- the fashion outlets at Niagara Falls have it all. Enjoy unbeatable sale prices, this is the perfect place to take yourself out for a little retail therapy while turning in for the night-or for a few hours of lively sightseeing.
  • Niagara’s Wineries, Breweries, or Cideries: Raise your glass to life in the nifty world and enjoy some of Niagara’s wineries, breweries or cideries. Visit Niagara’s thriving beverage scene, where you can relax overlook the vineyard-covered hills and sample award-winning wines, craft beers, or artisanal ciders. From vineyard tours and cellar door specials to tasting visits and brewery tours, there’s no end of ways to indulge your senses in the tastes of Niagara. With pretty landscapes and warm hospitality, it’s a taste of heaven that’ll keep you coming back for more.
  • Fall Mazes and Pumpkin Picking: Get into the spirit of Fall by visiting one of the many mazes Niagara has to offer and picking your own pumpkin. Step into tall corn mazes or walk through winding paths, from all of them you’ll be able to pick up a pumpkin that’s perfect straight out of the field. With hayrides, petting zoos, and seasonal treats to enjoy, this is an excursion that everyone in the family will love. Whether you’re searching for the perfect jack-o’-lantern or just taking in the crisp fall air, fall mazes and pumpkin picking are classics that capture the very essence of fall.
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Culinary Delight

  • Restaurants with a View: A dining experience completely unparalleled can be had sitting in the windows of any one of the restaurants or cafes that overlook Niagara Falls. With upscale eateries crowning hotels high and low down to impoverished cafes set on the waterfront there is no lack of options for whatever your taste and budget be.
  • Local Cuisine and Specialties: Visitors should take the opportunity to try such local delicacies as Niagara wine, fresh seafood and artisan cheeses all made from materials found in this area. From farm-to-table dining experiences that include chefs living off their land, to food festivals that celebrate the best of what the Niagara region has to offer, there’s no better way to enjoy the tastes of this place than with all its rich character and flavor.

Keep in Mind while you Travel!

  • Environmental Awareness in Travel: Niagara Falls is a natural landscape, so do everything in your power to reduce the environmental impact when experiencing this paradise on earth. Show respect to the marvelous falls by packing out all litter or waste products in case they are forgotten.
  • Safety First: Niagara Falls take one’s breath away too, but safety comes first. Please keep only to areas where you are authorized to enter and follow all the signs and notices diligently.
  • Location: Niagara Falls straddles the US-Canadian border; the actual falls are in both New York State (NY) and Ontario. It’s important to decide which side of Niagara that you wish to visit when planning your accommodations and activities.
  • Getting There: Niagara Falls is easy to reach. You can fly into Buffalo Niagara International Airport or Toronto Pearson International Airport and then hire a car, take a bus shuttle, or take public transportation to get there. Once on site, walking, cycling and rideshare services are all convenient ways to see more of the environment at the falls.
  • Timing: Niagara Falls is a year-round destination, but the peak tourist season is generally from June to August. Think about visiting in shoulder seasons such as spring or fall for less crowded conditions and more agreeable weather. In addition, the falls are lit up in a night time, absolutely worth seeing after dark.
  • Accommodation: Niagara Falls offers a wide variety of accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget motels and cozy bed-and-breakfasts. Stay close by the falls themselves for easy access to all attractions and magnificent views.
  • Weather Readiness: Niagara Falls enjoys a temperate climate, but weather can be unpredictable there! Prepare for cooler temperatures with layers and waterproof clothing or a poncho when near the spray of falls. Don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses.
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Whether they are alive with color and changing light or winter frosted, the ageless Niagara Falls flows in its own tranquil rhythm. As visitors stand before this age-old symbol of nature’s grandeur and strength, their view of the sheer size and breathtaking beauty lies straight before them. No matter where tourists go in this iconic destination, they will always find something wonderful waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re taking an exhilarating boat tour, enjoying great food with a view, or just soaking up the magnificent scenery, a trip to Niagara Falls is bound to be a memory-maker that lasts forever.

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