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Miami Seaquarium: Dive into ocean wonders, Where fun meets conservation

Enigmatic underwater life at Miami water aquarium – A must to explore for lifetime experience of one of a kind.

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Know Everything About Sea Aquariums in Miami

Unearth Florida’s leading sea aquarium and peak visitor attraction – Miami Seaquarium. It is a place where the ocean comes to life in vigorous Miami. Get engrossed in the enchanting habitat of marine life, striking demonstrations, and confrontations with sea life. It is the perfect place for family, friends, and fans of marine life as this park guarantees a memorable experience.

Survey the Wonder of this Aquarium!


Miami Seaquarium rescues a baby manatee in 1955 as the park goes into construction. Later in 1955, the Miami Seaquarium  opened its doors as it became one of America’s oldest marine life parks.

Building design

  • In 1955, industrialist Fred D. Coppock of Greenville, Ohio decides to undertake his 14-year dream to build a $2 million aquarium in Miami. The tanks in the Seaquarium use modern materials and glamorized geometries to present a natured tamed for striking consumption. A geodesic dome embarks the same atmosphere as that of Disneyland.
  • The Seaquarium changed drastically in 1960 as its new owners Wometco Enterprises decided to enlarge the park. The best addition to the design was the inclusion of the geodesic dome to cover the stage for the performing seals and the seating for the stadium. On the south side of the dome structure, it includes a band of gold metal plating to hide the occupants from the sun.
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  • A filmmaker going by the name of Ivan Tors shot the first episode for his new television series – ‘Flipper’ at the Miami Seaquarium. It was at the Miami Seaquarium as well that the first ever “Salty the Sea Lion” movie was shot.
  • In 1968, Miami Seaquarium introduced Hugo, the first of its giant killer whales into the park. In 1975 the first baby female manatee born in captivity was born here.
  • In 1986, it was the first time in modern history that at the Miami Seaquarium, one of the dolphins underwent an X-ray. This method allowed doctors to know that it had bronchitis.
  • In August 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida causing the Seaquarium to be closed until December 15th.
  • Manatee Caroline at Miami Seaquarium became the first ever manatee to receive an MRI test to discover her illness. In 1998, the Miami Seaquarium kicked off its Water and dolphin exploration program. In this program, guests can now enter and have up-close encounters with the dolphins.
  • Twenty-six Nile crocodiles are currently present at Miami’s leading attraction. Miami Seaquarium has also successfully released an amputated manatee into Biscayne Bay. The manatee known as Venus suffered from fishing line entanglement in her right flipper. This caused a serious infection and she had to be amputated to save her life.
  • The aquarium has seen the birth of the first-ever Pacific white-sided dolphin which was born under human care.
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Location for the Miami Seaquarium

It is located at Biscayne Bay. The port of Miami, airport, and downtown are all minutes away from the Seaquarium. Public transportation is available for those staying at hotels all through the Miami metropolitan area. The address of the Seaquarium is as follows: –

4400 Rickenbacker Causeway,

Miami, FL 33149,

United States.

North directions

Take I-95 South, exit 1A (Miami Seaquarium), and keep following the signs that lead to Biscayne Bay and Rickenbacker Causeway

South directions

Make sure that you take US1 North, exit. It is just to the right which is just before the ramp on I-95 and make sure that you keep following the sign that leads to Biscayne and Rickenbacker Causeway


  • Parking for cars or motorcycles is $20 per vehicle (subject to change).
  • Parking for a passenger van, limo, camper, or RV is $20 per vehicle (subject to change).
  • Parking for school buses is complimentary with field trip bookings.
  • If you need to park for an event, then the entire day parking is $30.
  • If you are looking for a car rental to visit the Miami Seaquarium ‘Sixt’ is pleased to offer car rental.
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  • Virtual Reality Underwater World – Individuals can wear a waterproof VR headset and breathe using a snorkel. This new innovative technology helps to create an immersive underwater experience. You can choose to experience these three: Dragons, Ocean, or Space.
  • Royal Swim – It is one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences to be had at Miami Seaquarium. You shall be able to feel the thrill of two dolphins pushing you from your feet. You can also have the chance to do a special dorsal tow with two dolphins.
  • Meeting a Dolphin – It is a perfect chance for families to get up close and personal with dolphins. You will also be able to educate yourself about their resident families and the Miami Seaquarium’s conservation mission. Each session will go on for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Dolphin Odessey – You will have about 30 minutes to experience one of the ocean’s beloved creatures. The experience will include and is not limited to handshaking, getting rubs, and feeding the dolphin. Every session can be distinct and different in its way.
  • Shark Interaction – it is an all-new experience that involves coming face to face with Nurse and Ray sharks in a mangrove forest close to Biscayne Bay.
  • Touch Pools – You will be able to immerse your hands in touch pools and touch bamboo sharks and cleaner fish. It is the kind of experience designed to make you want to not leave after experiencing it. It is especially the case if you have several sharks swimming and giving you kisses.
  • Flamingos – You will be able to meet 30 flamingos as soon as you enter the park. These birds are surrounded by and kept in a perfect tropical environment allowing them sufficient room to wander around and breathe freely. You can even take pictures of these birds and meet them.
  • Dolphin Encounter – This highly charged 30-minute program is a wonderful experience for kids and young adults alike to have an experience with a dolphin. The dolphins will swim up and stand next to you. Practice a few training signals and shake hands with the dolphins in there.
  • Seal Swim – It is a 15-minute interaction in which you will be freely swimming alongside the seals. During the session, you can make handshakes with seals, give it a hug or a kiss, and take part in a training session.
  • VIP Tour – This VIP tour allows you to get up close and personal with exotic animals. The tour lasts for 2 ½ hours and you are guided by a personal guide on an adventure.
  • Penguins – These are the newest creatures added to the Miami Seaquarium. They will greet you as soon as you walk into Penguin Isle.
  • Reef Presentation – The Seaquarium’s reef presentation features over 750,000-gallon saltwater aquarium beaming with fishes of diverse sizes and colors. A diver works his way around the aquarium and visitors can watch him feed tropical fish, stingrays, and moray eels.
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Important Guidelines

Make sure for your enjoyment and safety you thoroughly read the guest code of safety and conduct. This is available for free on the Miami Seaquarium’s website. If you fail to follow any of the guidelines given, the park has every right to eject you from the premises without any refund. This is also to allow you and others to have a safe and memorable experience.

Other Key Reminders

  • Clothes – Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that you feel free to walk around in.
  • Weather – Make sure to check the weather before coming to the aquarium. If it is going to be a sunny day make sure to wear protective glasses, and hats and apply sunscreen lotion.
  • Arrival – To explore the park in its entirety, keep a reminder to arrive as early as possible. This will allow you to traverse through all the experiences in enough time. Also be careful to look at the schedule of all the show timings and presentations beforehand. This is so you do not end up missing any of your favorite shows or animals.

In finishing, the Miami Seaquarium stands as a special marine heaven. It dazzles visitors with its rich outlook, spectacular presentations, diverse marine life, and conservation mission. It provides unique and dazzling experiences that are fun and educational. Miami Seaquarium is a kind champion of environmental conservation included with adventure and brought to life by exotic animals and astounding presentations.

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