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Thoroughly explore the Miami Children’s Museum

The Miami Children’s Museum is a nonprofit institution situated on Watson Island in the city of Miami. The focus of the Museum is programs, classes, and learning related to arts, culture, and community. It is a place that offers exhibits and learning to keep the whole family entertained.

While in Miami, it can be tough for children to find places and activities for them to enjoy. Therefore, the Children’s Museum offers fun and engaging programs and is located close to Miami Beach.

Today, let us dive deep into the world of Miami Children’s Museum together.

Miami Children’s

Why should you visit?

The Miami Children’s Museum should be on your list if you are looking for an educational time combined with fun activities. The Museum is easily accessible and has plenty of amenities. Parking is easy to find, and it is convenient to find the museum. There are picnic tables outside for you to enjoy lunch and there is a subway located in the lobby.

This is a huge museum with something for every child to enjoy. There are more than 14 exhibits for children to get engaged in and it is surely to become your children’s new favorite spot. Other than the normal exhibits, other traveling exhibits occur throughout the year. This means you can visit the museum repeatedly without feeling bored. Kids not only learn while at the museum, but they also play, which makes learning quicker and easier. It is like a giant playground for children where they have a blast and get an education.

Things to Do at Miami Children’s Museum

 The focus of the museum is on art and history. It offers a wide variety of activities and exhibits that ensure learning, fun, and creativity. Here are some of the things you see and do when you look to visit the museum.

  • The Exhibits – Catering to different age groups and interests, the museum offers a variety of hands-on exhibits. Adults should encourage their children to explore all these exhibits which include a construction zone, bank, health center, and a supermarket. These all offer various lessons to be learned through play.
  • Art – Children can indulge in activities such as drawing, painting, and crafting as these allow the children to showcase their artistic gifts.
  • Nature and Science – You can visit the Sea and Me exhibit with your children which focuses on marine life and ocean conservation. Through his exhibit children can learn about the importance of preserving and saving our oceans and their marine ecosystems.
  • Play – The children’s museum has a large climbing wall and a huge multi-level play area where children can spend most of their energy while developing some physical skills. Here they can even make new friends and socialize with kids alike.
  • Role-Playing – Engage your children’s imagination in the Castle of Dreams where they can dress up and start role-playing. It will allow them to explore various careers and scenarios.
  • Storytelling – Encourage your children to explore the library and find their favorite books to read. This will help build healthy reading habits and facilitate language development.
  • Exploration – The museum also has various outdoor explorations and activities. This is a chance for you and the child to get some fresh air while having a fun time exploring.
  • Learn through Play – The primary objective of the museum is to teach children to play while learning at the same time. Adults should encourage their children to ask questions, experiment, and discover new things.
Miami Children's Museum aerial view scaled


Every month, the museum holds Sensory Saturday, an event where the museum opens early for children who have sensory processing disorders and their families. During the vent, lights and sounds are dimmed down, and sensory-based activities are available for the children to engage in. You can also meet with community professionals during your visit. Pre-registration is required.

The children’s museum also has an on-site preschool along with various camps during winter, summer, and spring for which you can register. These camps host a variety of Mommy and Me classes and after-school programs for older kids such as yoga, science, and cooking. Make sure you check the calendar before visiting, to get a reminder of any events taking place during that time. This will allow you to prepare for any special activity.

Food and things to bring.

Although it is best if you pack a lunch for yourself and your kids while you are at the Miami Children’s Museums, in case you or the kids get hungry while at the Museum, there is a Subway right off the lobby.

Other than that, near Watson Island, there are several restaurants available including The Deck at Island Gardens and Joia Beach. On Dodge Island, there is Seaman Cafe and countless other eating areas located in Miami and Miami Beach.

Before arriving at the museum, you need to make sure that the kids are dressed in play clothes as things will get messy when they arrive at the museum. At their fantastic art studio, the kids can try a variety of creative projects which also include painting. There is also a pond, so there is a great chance that they will splash something on themselves. It is hence important they wear comfortable play clothing. It would be a good idea to pack a towel and an extra pair of clothing along with you just in case you need it.

Your kids might want to take a shot at rock climbing the Mt. MiChMu wall. Therefore, make sure you bring some extra change along with yourself ($3) because there is an extra fee to climb the wall. Kids with sneakers are allowed to climb the wall and therefore leave their sandals at home.

Consider a visit to the Miami Children’s Museum if you are looking for fun activities and exhibits to explore while you are visiting Miami. This is a place where your children can have fun, learn, play, and explore in a very controlled and safe environment.

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Getting There

The address for the museum is 980 MacArthur Causeway on Watson Island, between downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

If you are driving over there and looking for parking, there is a parking lot that is run by the Miami Parking Authority and costs $1 per hour. This is probably the best place for public parking you will find in the city.

If you are taking the bus, you should come through routes C, K, M, and S even though public transportation can be a bit slow on weekends in Miami.

If you live downtown or at the beach, you can opt for a  ride-sharing cab such as Uber or Lyft.  

From 10 am to 6 pm, it is open every day of the week. The Museum allows limited-capacity visitors to allow children a safe room to play and roam around. After every timed session, the Museum is cleaned and reset.

For the safety of guests, children without adults and adults without children are not allowed into the space.

The cost of a ticket is $22 and for a resident of Miami, it costs $15. Admission is free for members of the organization and children under the age of one.

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