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Getting around Downtown Los Angeles

Welcome to the vibrant and economic centre of California- Downtown Los Angeles. With its combination of historic landmarks and modern skyscrapers, ethnic neighborhoods and internationally recognized cuisine, one always has a great time there. Perhaps the best thing to explore in DTLA is walking around it! So here are some highlights of what you can do in Downtown Los Angeles:

The Historic Core

The Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles is a veritable treasure chest of architectural wonders and cultural landmarks. Bradbury Building, with its ornate ironwork and spectacular atrium, is an absolute must for architecture lovers. Grand Central Market, which dates back to 1917, provides a bustling outdoor market where you can sample food from all over the globe—even if you’re on foot upstage or downstage in this little moment of street theater. The historic theaters along Broadway, such as the Los Angeles Theatre and the Orpheum Theatre present magnificent interiors brimming with grandeur live performances are held in their palatial surroundings. 

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Enjoy the Arts

The downtown district of Los Angeles is a real collection of all sorts of art forms and activities. Here you will find world class museums such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and gallery displays equally exciting. The Broad consists of a large group of contemporary art, including work by artists such as Jeff Koons and Jean-Michel Basquiat. MOCA has cutting-edge exhibitions of contemporary art and the Grammy Museum is celebrating music history and its particular impact. A downtown area with art galleries, theatres and performance venues. Enjoy the incredible variety of experiences on offer! 

A stroll through Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is a bustling neighborhood that offers a taste of Japanese culture and history. You can go shopping for traditional goods like ceramics, kimonos, Japanese snacks. Whether you prefer a cozy ramen shop or an upscale sushi restaurant, the dining choices in Little Tokyo are plentiful. The Japanese American National Museum offers visitors the chance to learn more about Japanese Americans’ experience, with exhibitions on topics such as the Second World War internment and contemporary Japanese American art.

Catch a Game or Concert at Staples Center

A BIG WIN FOR FANS! Staples Center is a major event space in downtown Los Angeles, where live entertainment such as sporting events, concerts, and all sorts of shows are really BIG. Here people either cheer on the Lakers or Clippers in basketball season, or (in hockey) the Kings. It’s no wonder that this arena also attracts big-name musicians and performing artists from around the world to be seen here as a competitive brand of loss–making itself a must-call upon for anyone who craves entertainment. Pick up your ticket soon as seats sell out fast!  

Enjoy the Views

OUE Skyspace LA offers sweeping vistas of Los Angeles from the top of US Bank Tower, which happens to be the tallest building on the West Coast. Visitors can also experience Skyslide: a thrilling glass slide that traverses the outside of a high-rise building, providing an unparallelled view of all below and above futurism. Los Angeles City Hall has an observation deck as well, where people can see views of downtown and even further into the distance — including such landmarks as the Hollywood Sign or Griffith Observatory. 

Enjoy food

Downtown LA is a paradise for foodie fans; whatever your taste, here you will find it. From fashionable rooftop bars offering small plates and craft cocktails to out-of-the way shops that serve authentic ethnic cuisine-Vegan Mexican Restaurants; there is something for each member of the family to enjoy. Grand Central Market, the mecca of culinary delights, is where you can find everything from gourmet tacos to artisanal ice cream; it is all under the same roof.  

Riverfest at the Grand Park

This green expanse amidst downtown Los Angeles is a sprawling respite from urban noise. People stroll along tree-lined paths, relax on grassy lawns and even picnic with breathtaking views of City Hall and the skyscrapers beyond. Events and festivals celebrating culture, community or the arts often take place here, making it an active meeting place for people from all walks of life

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The Art District

This trendy district of Los Angeles is home to many an electrifying mural, an industrial-chic warehouse and plenty of rare and wonderful independently run galleries. No trip here could be complete without wandering down its streets lined with colorful murals and graffiti artwork, or hitting some of the numerous galleries that display pieces from local or international artists. The district also offers a thriving culinary scene, with chic cafes, specialist bakeries and modern restaurants serving innovative cuisines. 

Take a Historic Walking Tour

Downtown Los Angeles is a city that’s steeped in history. The best way to discover its rich heritage is through walking tours. From the historic landmarks of Olvera Street, birthplace of Los Angeles, and Bunker Hill, there’s plenty for visitors to see and learn. Well-informed guides will provide insights into the city’s past – from its early Spanish and Mexican roots to life during the Gold Rush era to transformation into a metropolitan modernity. 

Experience the Nightlife

In the evening, Downtown LA becomes a lively nightlife destination, offering a wide variety of bars, clubs and other venues where you can explore your options. Country line dance bars featuring live entertainment lie within walking distance of downtown Los Angeles. From rooftop bars offering stunning views and inventive cocktails, to secretive speakeasies hidden behind unpretentious facades; there’s no shortage of choices when it comes choosing ways in which to sip your drink, dance away the night or simply have an evening out with friends Downtown L.A. Live music venues present local talent as well as major touring acts from around the world, meaning that there always is something exciting happening after dark downtown Los Angeles. 

Reaching and Getting around Downtown Los Angeles

One possibility is a diverse variety of options in downtown Los Angeles, covering all kinds of tastes and pockets. 

  • Public Transportation- The Metro Rail system has a number of lines serving Los Angeles, including Red, Purple, Blue, as well as Expo lines. In addition, Metro bus routes provide good coverage throughout the area and farther afield, making it easy to get around with an automobile. 
  • Rideshare Services- In Los Angeles commonly used rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft provide residents and visitors to Downtown LA with convenient door-to-door transportation. This offers flexibility, convenience and, in some cases, equal opportunities for access to service. 
  • Electric Scooters- Electric scooter rental companies have a presence in Downtown LA, such as Lime and Bird which can provide both environmentally friendly and efficient means of travel over short distances. Scooters are simple to locate and unlock using smartphone apps, making them an attractive and easy way to explore the area. 
  •  Walking Downtown- LA is a walk-centric area, with many attractions, restaurants and shops all within walking distance of each other. Walking permits visitors to completely immersion themselves in the lively atmosphere of the city as well also pick up hidden gems along their way. 
  •  Biking- If you like to ride a bike then cycling ride-share programs like the Metro Bike Sense offer a convenient way for cyclists to get around downtown LA on two wheels. With lanes for bicycles and streets that are friendlier bikers, biking can be fun and good exercise at the same time not causing worsen for our shared environment. 
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Point to be remembered for your trip

  • Los Angeles is too warm! Whether it’s staying hydrated or shielding yourself from the sun, it is essential. A water bottle you can fill up again and again, remember to put on sunscreen regularly throughout the day, particularly if you are in the habit of spending time outdoors.  
  • Make sure you know the hours of operation and entrance fees for any museums, attractions or restaurants that interest you ahead of time. Some places may only be open at certain hours or need advance booking, so do consider planning ahead!  
  • The culinary scene of downtown L.A. is one not to be missed. Be brave and try the local flavour — street tacos, Korean barbecue and gourmet burgers are all on your doorstep. From the historic core to Chinatown and Little Tokyo neighborhoods, it’s delicious all over town!   
  • If you stay in downtown Los Angeles, keep your ears and eyes open for free events and activities. 
  • A must-see experience when people visit downtown LA is looking at the sprawling city skyline. By going to OUE Skyspace LA, Los Angeles City Hall or cocktails at a rooftop bar west of downtown, it’s a panoramic spectacle like no other — particularly during sunset. 
  • Ultimately, the secret of spending time well in Downtown Los Angeles is learning to be surprised. Try out some unknown spaces and alleys, and let the sense of adventure flow as you discover all the treasures hidden within this vibrant and captivating district. 


Living in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) offers you a place to stay that is more romantic and engaging than any other. From sophisticated skyscraper hotels overlooking the skyline to cozy boltholes in historic buildings, there are options to suit all tastes and wallets. Many DTLA hotels are situated conveniently near popular attractions, eateries and entertainment venues, close to where you’re staying in the neighborhood of each one. In short you can wander out your room and walk everywhere! No matter if you’re here on vacation or business, staying in the city places you right in the middle of everywhere.   

Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, an art aficionado, or simply looking to soak in the vibrant atmosphere, Downtown Los Angeles offers a multitude of experiences that cater to every taste and interest. 

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